Newly Graduated Nurse, Cannot get a job


Hi everyone!!

I have recently just graduated from the University of Arizona Master's of Science with Entry to the Profession of Nursing program in August 2020. I am scheduled to take my NCLEX October 8th (yikes!!). I am writing to hopefully find some reassurance and maybe advice..


Since COVID hit, obviously it took nursing school through a major detour. I wasn't able to attend my internship and last semester of clinicals. Most nursing students are able to find connects in their last semester and lock down a job contingent upon passing NCLEX before they even graduate! I however, am currently with no job lined up, and being constantly rejected from New Grad programs in AZ. Everyday I check job postings and apply and I have been denied from Banner Health University, Honor Health, and Dignity Health. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or if its just the current situation in the world, but I cant help to feel bad about myself and so worthless after I tried so hard to bust my *** (I graduated with a 4.0 with honors). I don't know how else to boost my resume and seem fit for the new grad positions, so I was seeing if anyone else out there is having the same struggles, or has advice to give. I don't want to be without a job much longer after NCLEX, and it is stressing me out so much! 



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Hang in there! The only people I know who had a job “locked down” prior to passing the NCLEX were ones working as CNAs/techs.

After you have a license to put in the applications, you’re more likely to be looked at. Use any resources or connections you have til this point, but just keep applying.


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I agree with the post above, you might just be automatically being rejected because you have not taken/passed the NCLEX.  Take a deep breath in and focus on the NCLEX.