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I'll be having an interview at fresenius next week. I completed by bachelor's degree in nursing on April 2009. I am a foreign graduate. I am US permanent resident for 5 years now minus the 2 years come and go to the Philippines due to school completion. I dont hold a license for now, since im a graduates outside the US it will take me almost a year to process and evaluates my education credits to be able to take CGFNS CES clearance (English exam or TOEFL) and NCLEX. Do you think this is a good start working as PCT while waiting for my documents? I need some advise.


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I say go for it!


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yes that sounds like a great idea! If you are planning on being a dialysis nurse, this would be a great start toward that.


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Heck no girl, I wouldn't recommend Fresenius to anyone!!! They are cheap, stingy with their money not only for thier staff but even more so for their patients. I'm only being honest! I say keep looking!!


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If you don't mind the meager pay yet get a good eXperience in dialysis then go for it. Good experience would be if you happen to work with a good manager and awesome staff! Good luck!

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