Newly emigrated to US from UK - looking to be a nurse


Hi everyone. I'm doing a bit of legwork for a good friend of mine (best friend's sister) who is marrying a gentleman from the UK next weekend. He would like to get a nursing degree here in the states as he won't even be able to work for a significant period of time and he wants to make a career change (he was a teacher over there). He has 2 bachelors and 1 masters degree from the UK (however they are in different fields).

Now he knows that he would have to take the necessary prereqs just like anyone, but how would nursing schools (ASN or 2nd degree BSN) look at his UK degrees vs a bachelors or masters from a US school? He does have EMS experience in the UK.


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Could I suggest you do a bit of a search in the international forum about working in the US, there is quite a bit posted here and you may find what you need.

If not then I am sure someone will be along shortly who can help

Refer your friend to a college counselor who can best help him with his dilema. Usually they will want the college courses evaluated to see what transfers and what doesn't transfer. Then he will have to take prerequisites to get into the nursing program. Good Luck

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He could probably do an accelerated BSN - find a school in his new area and talk to their office of international students. Otherwise yep, just have to register and do prereqs - as part of application process he'll have to get UK degrees evaluated.

If they plan on staying in the US then maybe the ABSN would be an option. If he plans on returning back to the UK then he should really consider finding out if his future education would be accepted back into the UK. Sometimes the ABSN isn't accepted outside of the US, and I'd hate to see someone receive an education and not be able to use it elsewhere if there's a slight possibility that the person might return home. But of course that all depends on your friends future husband. Good Luck



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Thanks everyone. So it sounds like there is a possibility that his degrees will be considered in the US. They are going to stay in the US and I was thinking about recommending the accelerated programs to him. They are now living in NJ and I know that Rutgers has a great rep when it comes to nursing programs.