Newly accepted students!!!


I just wanted to create a post to see what all the newly accepted nursing students are doing to get prepared for nursing school? How will you spend your last four months before school, what sites have you looked at to get prepared? I will be going on a much needed cruise to the bahamas,then after the cruise we will stay on SOBE for the weekend, spend a bunch of qt with my kids and husband. My last four months will be spent with family, and friends. I looked at a site that I am sure I will find helpful while in school, really cool site I think every nurse student should check it out, and will also be my best friend. Love to hear everyone's response and see if I can find more helpful sites from everyone:heartbeat:heartbeat


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Great post! I haven't found any cool sites (except this one, of course) but will definitely be checking out in a few minutes. ;)

This is my last semester of prereqs (thank goodness!!) so there are no classes that I have to take this semester...but. I depend on financial aid to live so I'll have to take a couple of classes. :down: I've found the easiest summer classes that Georgia State has to offer, so I plan on having a very relaxed couple of months.

My #1 priority will be spending time with my 9 year-old son--the awful amounts of time that will be taken from him is my greatest source of fear and stress, but the program that I'll start in the fall is accelerated, so there's just no way around it. Outside of that, I will try to spend some special time with all the important people in my life, in hopes that they will understand when I don't call or see them again until Christmas. :lol2:

As *incredibly excited* as I am to begin NS this fall, I'm going to enjoy every single second of down-time before we get started!!!



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Kel 3,

I understand spending time with the little one. I have five, so I have to figure out a way to spend time with them all. Like you said because NS will take away a lot of time that I already spend with them. I just hope they understand! Christmas it is for me too!!! But it will be all worth it, I know it will be a lot of hard work,sweat, and tears. Good bye old life,Hello future RN's!!!!