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Newbie needs advice

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by Flaird Flaird (Member)

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Hi everyone! I am brand new to this site and very excited to have found it. I have a few questions. I was going to school for a degree in business and decided to go after my dream, nursing. I'm 27, divorced and raising a 3 year old. I had a long talk with my family who are behing me in my decision. I wanted to transfer to the local communicty college that offeres an RN program and they were not helpful at all. In fact I kept having to have schedule meetings on how to transfer and get enrolled for this summers class. I saw three different people and heard three different things. I heard about Dorsey Schools from a couple co-workers enrolled there and called and met with them and they were so great. They only offer a Patient Care Tech program which I was told would be a great way to get my foot in the door to help me reach my goal (tuition reimbursement, experience and so on). I start classes in a few weeks. What is the next step up from a PCT or what would be the best route for me to take?



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The next step would be nursing school, either LPN or RN. You perhaps can get your LPN, and then go for your RN after that. Or you can go straight for your RN which is the best idea if you can swing that.

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