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Hi everyone,

I thought I should start this thread where people can put their stats if they wish and give each other advice! Priority deadline is September 15 and regular decision deadline is October 15. 

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NYU will be such an amazing experience I feel for those especially folks out of state.

Hey everyone! Good luck to you all ? did you get any kind of confirmation email after you submitted your CommonApp? 

I recently received a confirmation email from NYU, and they said I should receive my ID number soon.

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Hello everyone!

I applied for the early deadline ABSN Spring 2023. 
My BA is in Speech Pathology & Audiology

For reference:
Undergrad GPA: 3.51

  • Nutrition: A
  • A&P I: A+
  • A&P II: A+
  • Statistics: A-
  • Chemistry: In progress
  • Microbiology: In progress
  • Life Span: In progress

I got an email last night with confirmation of my application and to look out for an email for the ID #. Good luck to all!

Hi everyone!

This is my second time applying to the ABSN program at NYU. I applied for the Fall 2022 program and was waitlisted. I unfortunately didn't get into the program, but decided to apply again.

I have a BS in Human Biology and a BA in Emergency Preparedness.

My pre-req grades:

  • A&P I: B+
  • A&P 2: A
  • Chemistry: B+
  • Microbiology: A
  • Nutrition: A
  • Life Span: A

After I submitted my application via the common app, I received an email from NYU stating they received my application and will be providing an ID number.  


Has anybody received an id # yet

28 minutes ago, userr009 said:

Has anybody received an id # yet

Nope but the official deadline for apps is in October so maybe they’re waiting until then ? 

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I have a login because I applied last semester, the application portal states:

"We understand you may be anxious about the status of your application. All applications submitted in August and September will be loaded into our database in early October.
Later this fall, you will receive an application acknowledgement email that contains both your Net ID and University ID (N Number). At that time, you will be able to check the status of your application."

On 9/26/2022 at 5:38 PM, userr009 said:

Has anybody received an id # yet

Got mine this morning 

Just got mine too!

california applicant here. I applied and got a school id back in my email today. It says on my portal to enter my prerequisite grade information to complete my application. I have mostly A’s and then some B’s for my prerequisites. Tbh my overall GPA is kinda bad though at like 2.9, and there was a point in my education where I didn’t give bullocks and a few semesters was D’s and withdrawals. I seen an earlier post where someone actually got in with that same GPA just because the school has such a monstrous class size and can accept so many students. Im hoping they offer some good financial aid so I can attend the school. 120k plus without any kind of aid is kinda steep if you include housing and tuition together plus you still gotta feed yourself for the 16 months fuhh. If I gotta pay full ticket price im prob just gonna go to mercy college of health sciences in iowa cus the tuition and living expenses are low, and I can probably get out with around 65k total and not put myself in student loan purgatory. I do like nyu though. It has a high rank among nursing schools and id love to live in new york if its within my means. Im currently taking pathophysiology and already took medical terminology this past Summer at a local community college, so I feel like il have a good headstart wherever I go.

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