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Hey guys,

So I've been looking for the past couple of months everywhere on NYP's website, even through their different hospital locations about how to go about applying for the Nurse Residency program. I'm graduating in May 2016 with my BSN from Penn State and am really pursing a position in Critical Care.

From what I've read on here it's almost impossible to get a job as a New Grad with NYP as an external candidate (which I am). However, I would still like to try and am confident with my CNA/Tech and Externship experience at Magnet NJ hospitals I may still have the chance to be noticed! Being only the beginning of February I still feel like I'm slightly ahead of the game (I could be wrong LOL).

If anyone has information or past experience about a timeline to look, or if there is a specific application for "Graduate Nurse"/"Nurse Residency" I should be on the lookout for I'd really appreciate it!

- Caroline

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Hey Caroline! Fellow senior BSN student here graduating in May! :)

So, I think most residency programs starting in July/August 2016 are opening applications in early March and some even later than that. However, today I did come across a couple open applications for NYU Langone...although I think that's different than NYP, it's still in the NYC area if you're interested! Sorry that's not much of a help, I know hardly nothing about NYC hospitals. I can direct you to the links though if you're interested!

Hi there!

Thanks so much! Any information is a big help I really appreciate you replying, I feel like NYC hospitals in general don't advertise anything about dates or their application processes I guess because of the volume of interest they get. I was considering checking NYU Langone as well actually! If you have any links you've come across that'd be great I'd love to look into them.

Thank you so much and good luck to you, we're almost done! :D


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Hey I was wondering if you applied to any of the positions at NYU and heard back?

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I haven't but I think it's still pretty early for most hospitals. Most new grad residencies don't start until August.

I haven't yet! The ones that seem most appropriate for New Grads are requiring that you have one year of RN experience at least. When you check the box that you don't have that, the app comes up saying you don't meet qualifications and it doesn't get considered automatically.


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So random, but last semester I was getting antsy because all my friends already had jobs so I started looking out of state (I'm from Texas) and I somehow accidentally applied for NYP, it was literally like attach your resume and then emailed me to complete my application lol So I was like what the heck and did it anyways, then got an email around Christmas saying I would have two interviews on January 20th. I just looked back in my emails to see if I still had the initial email and it says I applied on October 30th, but I don't know how long it was up for before then. And it was called..."January 2016 New Graduate Nurse Career Event." But short story longgggg hopefully this gives you an idea of a timeline.

And obviously...I was not an internal employee being that I live in Texas. My GPA was 3.1 or something and I had been a tech since last March. So to be honest I have no idea why I was chosen to interview, I also read all those threads saying it was impossible to get a job interview there. My guess was maybe it was just because I'm out of state or from the south so...cultural or personality differences I don't know? But anyways sorry this is turning into a novel but just wanted to provide some insight, so hopefully this helps somewhat.

Andddd good luck!

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Oh wow!! Thanks for all of the info! I guess NYP starts their process super early! So, just to clarify...this is for the New Graduate program starting in the fall of 2016, not for March for people who have already graduated?


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Well the one I applied for I guess would've been for March since the new grad interview thing was January. So if y'alls is going to be for fall-ish maybe they will open in April..May ish? Ha yeah that's a really long process!

Yeah I actually saw that a couple months ago in the fall and tried to apply for the event! Then on one of the last pages it asked if I was a graduate from class of Winter 2016 or Spring 2015, when I checked "No" (I'll be class of Spring 2016) it automatically came up that I did not meet the criteria and withdrew my application. So I thought okay well I guess that event is for people who have already graduated or are about to and I left it at that.


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Has anyone applied for this in 2020?