Writing NCLEX with ADHD/ does the aacn monitor you after you have your liscence?

  1. Hi guys, I'm a registered nurse in Canada, amd I'm preparing to write the NYS NCLEX. I have been diagnose with ADHD and have been told that I cannot tell the NYSED that I have this, because they would be monitoring me for 4 years, and be able to take away my liscence at any time for any given reason (once I have passed the test). I was wondering if this was true, and then, if it's even worth applying for special accomodations.

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  3. by   marycarney
    I highly doubt this to be true. Highly.

    And BTW- the AACN is the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, a voluntary certification organization and not a licensing agency.
  4. by   littlenurse21
    That's definitely not true because it would be discrimination. Additionally, I don't remember them asking specifics in relation your health? If you were asking for a disability accommodation for more time on the exam, it would just be disclosure with documentation. That would be your choice but you get an ample amount of time.

    Workplaces do reserve the right to ask, and most do drug screenings. If you take medications such as stimulants, you'd have to disclose with documentation because your drug test would come up positive. But it is not something that would keep you from getting hired because that would be discriminating (ie. equal opportunity employer).