Wilson Tech/Western Suffolk BOCES

  1. has anyone go through western suffolk boces/wilson tech lpn program?

    i start march 10th any tips?
    did you continue to rn if so where?
    i can not wait to start my education in nursing

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  3. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    Too late for March,but not too late for September
  4. by   roseynurse345
    Hi! i graduated the program about 3 years, are you taking the accelerated day program or the evening program? It was very intense program it was a nursing boot camp for me. I did learn alot but it was very stressful, we started with a class of 27, and in four months we were a class of nine. I'm not trying to scare you, but you have to be very focused on your studies, and you can't work full time in the program. I'm right now at Helene Fuld, hopefully I will have my RN by November.
  5. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    I am taking the accelerated day program. I am only working on Saturdays.
    Did you work as a LPN for awhile then go to Helen Fuld?
    Are you glad you you went this route.
  6. by   roseynurse345
    I did work for a over year before going to Helene Fuld, I wanted to earn some money and get my bills out of the way before thinking about school. For me Helene Fuld was the only option available for me, I would advise any student thinking about the program, to take your prereqs at community college and then just take nursing courses @HF. Also, working for some facilities they will help pay for your education, which can be a big help.
  7. by   love184em
    Quote from flyazznena2nv
    im not in the school yet but i wanted to get in. when did you apply and is it too late to get in???
    i just called to today to get an application. no it's not too late. call asap. the women said they give test until september. the program stats in september, don't know how that's possible anywhoo. www.wsboces.org
  8. by   bettyboopsz
    i know this thread is extremely old but kimynurse2b if you can tell me all about the program i would appreciate it. Also my entrance exam is in a week, and i'm very nervous about. was it an easy exam and exactly what material was on it. Any sample questions you may have would be helpful too. (Btw i've been studying for this exam for 4 months)
  9. by   bettyboopsz
    sorry i meant rosynurse345