Who is applying for the Spring 2007 semester? - page 2

I handed in my application for the spring semester at Nassau Community College. This is the second time since I was declined last semester.... Read More

  1. by   Lilluv117
    Hey nursetracy... sorry to hear about getting rejected. It's ok though, it's a tough program to get into. My advice is to finish up ALL the non nursing courses you're going to need because once you start the program it is so demanding and hard that you won't have time to even think about another class. I also think they base admission on how many credits you have.

    I finished N103 - nobody in my class got an A... I got a B+. Now I'm in N104... I'm doing good but it is soooo hard. I spend all my time studying. I work during the day and I'm in the evening program but I don't know how long that is going to last... I need more time so I may switch to part time at work.

    Don't give up and keep applying. Also, get as many classes under your belt as possible before you begin the program.

    Oh, and it may have been a blessing that you're not in yet because I heard they are going to change the first class to make it easier because before it was 2 classes in one semester (N103 & N104) and starting next semester or next year (not sure when exactly) they are just going to have one class in the first semester to make it easier on people and give people a chance to pass. Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. by   nurse2btracy
    Thanks - the only class I need is microbology. They were lining up for that class at 5am. Hopefully I will get into the class for the fall.