which one should I choose!

  1. I got offer from two hospitals, couldn't make the decision for which one is better for me. Please give me some tips:
    1. Lutheran Medical Center,night shift. Lutheran is a 600 beds community hospital in Brookly which is 30mins by train from my home.
    2. The Allen Pavilion of New York Presbyterian Hospital.day shift.This is a 250 beds hospital affiliated to Presbyterian.
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  3. by   loricatus
    NY Presbyterian has a very good reputation and is located in a decent area. I do not know about the other hospital; but, having a 30 minute commute could pose problems. Night and weekend train schedules change from work day schedules, there is a lot of construction/repairs being made to various train lines and the commute may take you longer. If there are train problems or another strike, will you have an alternate way to get to work;and, is the area in Brooklyn safe enough for you to be walking alone in the dark (when you arrive for work)? Also, most new jobs are for nights, you would be getting a prime shift starting out on days at the Allen Pavillion. Many nurses have to wait a few years before they can get day shifts. Sorry I can't be of more help Good Luck on your move to the Big Apple.
  4. by   3months
    Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that it's 12 hours night shift, so I won't be in dark, hehe. But you are right, constraction always happens at night and weekends. The Allen Pavilion is farther though, more than 1 hour by train. Presbyterian is the best one in Newyork as I heard. But I am not sure about the Allen Pavilion since it's only a small affiliated hospital of Presbyterian.:trout:
  5. by   Lizziefive

    I have started orientation at NYP for a position at the Allen Pav ER. Mind you I havent been there very long but it seems to me that they have a very good reputation within the hospital system. I was worried they would be kinda looked at like the little hospital that doesnt matter but I hear a lot of great things about it. Its far though from me and I live on the west side so.. commute is always something to think about.

    What unit were you hired for?
  6. by   3months
    Hi, I am going to the Med-surg.

    So happy that there's someone is working in Allen Pavilion. Yes, I am also worried about the size of this hospital. It's small comparied to the Lutheran medical center.