When to Send in NYS Application for Licensure?

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    I am graduating with a BSN this year (walking in May, but my degree will be conferred on June 30th). Was wondering when would be an appropriate time to send in my application for licensure (Form 1) to Albany? Not sure what would be considered too early or too late. I did a search on here to see if the question had been addressed previously but did not find anything. I also have to send in Form 5 for a limited permit but I have to wait until the job offer is finalized. Thanks in advance for all replies!

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    If you want to test early, I would send it in right away. The application will sit there until your school sends your name but you will be one of the first to be reviewed.
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    OK thanks akanini! The school won't certify us until June 30, as that is our official degree conferral date. In past years, graduates from our program end up testing in August as a result. Just was curious to know what happens with our application, and you cleared that up, thanks!
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    Paco69 how did things work out for you?
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    Quote from akanini
    Paco69 how did things work out for you?
    HI akanini, I am still waiting for my ATT. Turns out the professor of my last class submitted our grades late (1st week of July! ) so our degrees were not posted until then and the school did not certify us to the state until last week! I sent in my application to the state end of May and registered with Pearson for NCLEX mid-June.

    So, the wait continues ...