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  1. Hi,All the nurses
    I am a 23 yr old girl from South Africa.I live in NY.I would like to start my career in nursing.First I would like to be a CNA.
    Can anyone recommend affordable training schools in NY?
    Thank you
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! I moved your post to the New York Forum for more responses.
  4. by   girls1
    There Are Many Schools Offering Cna Training In New York. I Went To Micropower Computer Instiute In Manhattan. The Training Lasted About 9 Weeks And The Clinical Experience Was Not Bad. I Paid $700 For The Course Including Books And Uniform.
    Most Schools Are More Expensive Than This, About $900 And Up. Beware Though That Some Schools Don't Offer Job Placement Assistance. That Is An Important Factor Because You Won't Have Much Experience After You Graduate.
    You Can Pick Up The Employment News Papers And Journals. They Usally Have A Few Advertisements For Cna Schools. The Daily News Does Also. You Can Look Them Up In The Yellow Pages As Well.
    I Didn't Try To Get A Job At My School Because I Decicded I Wouldn't Be Able To Work And Go To School Afterall So I Can't Tell You What Kind Of Job They Can Place You Into. But They Do Have A Job Developer And Help In Builidng Your Resume.
    Make Sure The School You Go To Is Licensed By The New York State Education Department And That They Will Prepare You For The State Certification Exam.
    Additionally, If It Helps, My School, Bronx Communitiy College Recently Posted And Ad About Scholoarships For Allied Health Carrers. I Don't Know If They Have Cna On It, But It's Worth A Try If It's Free! Try Calling 718-289-5425 For Info.
    Good Luck!