western suffolk boces??

  1. Hello,
    Im Arianna, Im not sure if anyone has posted about Wilson Tech before and i apologize if soemone has and i couldnt find it.

    Has anyone attented the accelerated day program?
    I just got accepted into the program starting in March 2009,
    well i passed the test and now am onto the interview.
    Did anyone get to the this point?How was the interview?Was it stressful or pleasant? If you get the interview, are you basically into the program?Im so nervous im going to mess up the interview. I did a few practice interviews with my mom and boyfriend. I know the program is going to be very hectic and stressful, but im more nervous about getting in. My interview is for Nov. 18th.
    When in the program,is taking college coruses kind of a plus,?I attended SCCC for honors english comp and math classes while i was waiting to hear about the nursing program.

    I hope i get in so badly,i have wanted this for so long.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Please,id really appreciate it.
    Thank you,
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  3. by   WndrWmn
    Hey there!
    Congratulations. If the interview is anything like Eastern Suffolk Boces, it is basically Why do you want to become a nurse? What are the qualities in a good nurse? What would you do if you saw a classmate cheating?
    good luck :0)
  4. by   ariannas90
    lol thank you,
    i did the interview and it went great.. im just nervously waiting to find out if i got in or not..ill know in the beginning of january the women said,so im checking the mail like everyday to find out. haha
  5. by   WndrWmn
    LOL! It goes quick, it feels like yesterday I was interviewing and now I am heading into level II. Im sure you got in
    If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to try and help.
  6. by   ariannas90
    I have one question already actually..
    were you nervous about doing clinical?im terrified
  7. by   WndrWmn
    OMG yes, I did my first fundamentals clinical in December. I promise it is not as hard as it seems, intimidating YES...... the first time, we actually had partners. So if we had five CNA's in our clinical group and five students who have never even spoken to a patient LOL, we were paired up with the CNA's. My level II clinics start in a couple weeks......I am scared to death so I am no help there LOL! But I will probably tell you it wasnt so bad also LOL!.
    If you want to get ahead of the game for level I, start reading some A&P books *that class is really accelerated and it will save you from nights of stress and tears* Its basically A&P I, II in 40 hours since A&P is only once a week for a couple months LOL! Hmmmmmm what else, read about fluid and electrolytes and acid base balance too.
  8. by   ariannas90
    Thats not so bad, about the partners.
    Thank you soooo much. Im definitly going to get a start on that. I should know im hoping by the end of this week if im in or not. The women who interviewed me said i would know by the beginning of January so im assuming ill know within the first two weeks. Thank you so much. Definitly let me know how your second round goes..youll do great!
  9. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    I am in the accelerated program at Western soffulk BOCES.
    Only 93 real days left or 57 classroom/Clinical days.

    It took about 2 weeks after the interview to find out I made it.

    I think you will be fine.

    Clinical will start in mid June- It was scary the first time out. They pair you with another student the first week of clinicals

    I hang out in the Students/LPN board here.

    Ask as many questions as you wish
  10. by   ariannas90
    Guess what guys!
    I GOT ACCEPTED! lol, i found out literally a few minutes ago.
    Im VERY excited but nervous.
  11. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    So andvice order your books as soon as you get your book list
    At orientation you will get a math package & a med. Lang. package that you hand in on your first day of class.

    When is your orientation and first day?
  12. by   ariannas90
    my first day is march 10th, and my orientation is February 23th at 10am.
    i have a question..if i need like some help with topics,like a&p, is there someone at the school that can help me?
  13. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    On Wed. there is after school time with Dr. R
    There is also students that will tutor. for free if we have time around our studying.
    I tutor some students now in Pharm & fund.

    My class will be in school both days
    I will see you there
  14. by   WndrWmn
    Oh yeah! I forgot about that LOL! Great advice! I had that summer assignment too...left it until the last minute... BIG MIStAKE!