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  1. by   SueNYC
    I dont know how far out of queens youre willing to go but Ive been hearing of hospitals in LI hiring. As far as the resume, I've only sent mine via fax but i'd assume the body of the email is where you would put what your cover letter says and then add as an attachment.
  2. by   twinmommaRN08
    Sue, thanks for responding.

    I will drive into LI. . .do you know which hospitals are hiring new grads? I wasn't planning on working in Manhattan because I refuse to drive there and have taken the subway enough for two lifetimes. When I was on the J train last friday, heading back from taking my NCLEX, a crazy man started barking at me (loudly) and ended up on the same bus as me when I got to queens. I've never appreciated Lucy (my little car) so much. I'll pass on Manhattan and the bronx; I'm open to any other boroughs/hospitals.
  3. by   SueNYC
    You will find some strange people on the subways lol... In LI try winthrop, north shore and in queens, try mount sinai and the HHC's. For north shore, they have this # to talk directly about nursing jobs : 1-877-404-4114
    Just do a google search of all places in Queens and as far as youre willing to go in LI, and send out resumes to everyone whether or not they have a job posting available on their site and then follow up with a phone call. Some places done necessarily advertise they are hiring new nurses which is why you also have to get in touch with recruiters. But before you send out the resume, make sure it looks good! Have someone take a look at it if you can. Stay positive, it may not happen as quick as we all would like but it will happen.
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  4. by   twinmommaRN08
    I'll do everything you suggested and hope for the best. I guess I'll spend the day writing the cover letters. I'll keep you posted on my job hunt.

    Thanks Sue!
  5. by   Monica_Z
    Dear XOS4EVA,

    I just meant to thank you very much for the tip-"the job fair"
    It was really helpful, finally I have an interview scheduled and I hope
    It will make a difference.

    You got a friend here in Brooklyn,
  6. by   Monica_Z
    Dear SueNYC,

    Thank you for your encouragement!!!

    You are right- I worked hard for that RN, but for 3 months I only got:
    "thanks- but we need experienced nurses", not a chance to be even considered for an interview. I have an interview scheduled next week- and I'm hoping to be soon a RN- working

    Thanks again for the warm welcome!!!
  7. by   SueNYC
    Thats great to hear!!! Where are you interviewing? Good Luck!!!
    Keep us updated!
  8. by   nycrncares
    HI everyone

    Hey where are all the Long Island nurses!!!

    I know you're out there
  9. by   youngvil
    Hello Fellow NY Nurses
    I live in the one of the most northern parts of NY. I am 3 hours north of Syracuse and 45 minutes south of Canada. Hope to hear from all you other NY Nurses.
  10. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    Hello NY nurses,

    I'm not a NY nurse, but am a nurse in a neighboring state (CT). I wanted to know if any nurses that work in any of the Manhattan hospitals can provide any info on the hospitals they work at. I had attended the Advance Job fair at the Jacob Kavit's Center last Friday. I have mixed feelings about it, but i'm starting the process of the application to get licensed in NY, just so I can at least have in the future a wider range to send out the resume. I think I have exhausted all the possiblities in my currently licensed state.

    I have seen on the NY nurses website that you guys have mandatory training for chlid abuse/ maltreatment and for infection control. I was able to find the website where I can get those completed.

    any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   dmaster
    Hi there!

    I am an RN from California and moving back to NYC this July. Just wanted to know about the nursing market there, is it hard to find a job now a days? I have 3 years experience 1 and 1/2 year in the CTICU, 1 year in PACU and 6months in Tele. Im hearing different things from different people about the job problems over there. Is it as bad as here in Cali? Im all packed up and ready to move next week, I kinda want to know right away so I can make a different plan. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. by   LovetoTravel2001
    Anyone know how much experience you have to have in order to get a per diem job? I am a new grad starting in a hospital next week but I have a lot of loans to pay....
  13. by   Cmineiro
    Good day everyone! i'm so glad there is such a network community for nurses! i've got my license jul/2009 and i'm in process of placing resumes and just waiting for some interviews! wish me luck everyone!
    "They asked me why didnt i go to medical school instead of nursing? i replied " I prefer a more challenging job!" lol
    I love nursing!