Want to leave Psych nursing but so far, no success, should I just give up?

  1. A little info about me, I have worked as a nurse in psychiatry for about 4 years. Yet for some reason the hospital I currently work in denied my transfer applications 3 times so far (I applied every year) I currently applied to Elmhurst to work in the ER a few times already throughout my 4 years of nursing, yet I never get a response from the hospital. I tried applying to other hospitals that accept new graduates (because a manager once said that from my experience they would consider me a new graduate) yet so far no success. I don't know if maybe I should just give up and continue in the field I dislike being in. sorry for my endless rant, but I just wish a hospital somewhere would give me a chance and work in the ER (or anywhere in the medical unit for that matter). Therefore, I have a few questions.
    1. has anyone applied to elmhurst hospital (I heard they accept new graduates and psych nurses there) is there anyone that can tell me what I can do to receive a call from them or even an email?
    2. I joined the emergency nurses association, to prove that I am very interested in being an ER nurse, is there anything else I can do to add to my resume to show managers that psychiatric nursing shouldn't be a "red flag" for them?
    3. I need words of encouragement, is there anyone out there who only had psych nursing and succeeded in leaving psych nursing to ER or any other medical unit?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I worked in med surg, then med surg for psych patients, then just psych ...but they float me to medical units 19 times out of 20.
    So, I would suggest that you look for a medical unit that deals with the pysch population or express an interest in cross-training instead of outright transferring ...even filling in as a task nurse or working as a sitter will help you network and give you a chance to practice skills that your license allows. I'd also suggest that you put ER on the back burner for now and try for med/surg.
    If moving is something you're open to, that would probably speed the process up, too.
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