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Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone applying to University of Rochester 2nd degree program(BSN). Additionally, i would appreciate any info on how easy/ hard it is to get in as well as any relevant... Read More

  1. by   wannabecatcher

    I just found out I got into NYU's accelerated BSN program today, and it starts Jan 16, i'll be making the move from rural northern california to new york city in a "new york minute"! Yikes!

    I also applied all over, to accelerated bachelors and direct entry masters programs (in midwifery and women health)...just tried to increase my chances of getting in somewhere. I think the accelerated BSN programs are nice because you can get it done quick and then have more options for masters programs later...say, on the west coast! I'd really like to get my masters in nurse-midwifery from oregon health and sciences university in Portland, and I bet i'll have a much better shot getting into their regular masters after i get my BSN than their direct entry option. It takes about the same amount of time anyway.

    Well, good luck to you, i'm sure you'll get there!

  2. by   luvmypuggles
    I live in Rochester NY, ADN from MCC and soon I will start to get my BS from U or R. It is a great school and your degree will be very well respected anywhere in the country.
    The crime rate lately in Rochester is crazy, but unless your in the inner city dealing drugs in the middle of the night you'll be fine. There are many great areas of the city and the suburbs are beautiful.
  3. by   alwaysnervous

    I'm about to have my phone interview. Any extra advice? I'm pretty confident on what I will say because this is the field I'm very passionate about. But I'm still bit nervous, and advice is welcomed (o=
    Just to clear up the numbers.. they have 280 applicants this year and 76 spots avaliable.

  4. by   lc3

    So, I finally scheduled an interview with a faculty member. I guess she is really busy or something. Anyhow, as far as numbers I was told something different. The admissions person told me they got a 256 "on time applications" for 75 spots this year. So, I dont know if 24 of those applications came in late or they include the incomplete applications.

  5. by   kristadwn
    Hello Everyone. I just accepted my invitation to the Accelerated BSN program at Rochester! I am so excited! If any of you decided to attend Rochester in May 2007 let me know.

  6. by   lilaclady
    congrats, Could you give me an idea of your stats. Wow! Good luck in your future studies.
  7. by   wannabecatcher
    That's great! Congratulations on your acceptance! From what I have heard, it is a great program. I have a friend who started the accelerated program this summer and she seemed to like it, although it is a lot of work (as is any nursing program anywhere)! I found out about a week ago that I was accepted for the accelerated program at Rochester but I've decided on another program. I had a 3.3 undergrad GPA in biology, got 4.0 in all pre-reqs, i'm an EMT and a doula, and I volunteer at the local hospital for a few hours every week. It seems like Rochester is really into diversity and the woman told me during my interview that my previous healthcare experience strengthened my application a lot...sooo...hope that helps!

    Good luck to all of you still interviewing and waiting to hear back! :spin: