Tips in Applying in Mount Sinai, NYC

  1. Hi all. Can you please give me an advise on how to get a job in Mount Sinai in NYC? I just recently passed the NCLEX(BSN- RN). However not recently graduated..

    Can anyone please give me a detailed information on how to get my resume in and noticed and get a call from them!? And some preparation that I need to do? Like study some stuff or IDK at this point I'm all over the place IDK what to do to get started!!!

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  3. by   JWEMT
    You really shouldn't look towards only one hospital. I'm certified in 2 specialties and have 2 years experience and I can't get them to respond to a resume of mine.
  4. by   Gretaspell
    Thanks for your reply.
  5. by   iheartnursing91
    Mt Sinai is extremely hard to get into. Even with all my applications and a reference from one of their managers whom I worked with in the past, they still have not called me.
  6. by   Gretaspell
    Hi, I appreciate your reply. However, I'm curious, aside knowing that Mt. Sinai is very advance and competitive hospital, why do you think it is extremely hard to get into? I am inexperienced in terms of working inside a top rated hospital and just very new to this industry or path.. what are your insights on why it's extremely hard to get into Mt. Sinai?
  7. by   iheartnursing91
    I Think, getting into top hospitals are based on "who" you know, and their rank in terms of prestige in the facility. Also, HR makes a lot of hiring decisions. So, if a manager tells HR to hire someone, HR ultimately decides if they will or not.
  8. by   iheartnursing91
    My advice is, having been in your shoes, start at a smaller hospital, gain experience, and apply to a bigger top notch hospital down the line. NYC hospitals are very difficult to break into being a new grad, when they are receiving applications from more experienced Nurses
  9. by   Gretaspell
    I appreciate your advise. It's very helpful in my situation gathering informations so I could start my journey landing a job as a registered nurse.
    Also weigh things out and take into considerations. Thank you. :-)