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Hello everyone, well, I have been reading through posts here for a while, trying to find discussions about moving to nyc and such, the thing is I am ready for a change and this past year I visited... Read More

  1. by   yeyaRN
    Ronin185 thank you for your input, if you dont mind me asking, how long were you a nurse before you started there? I've heard about cali and yes it sounds great, I thought maybe I could go there later on in my career, I am just excited about the idea of getting out of florida.
  2. by   Ronin185
    i worked as a paramedic for 16 years before getting hired. it took me 8 months to land the job. It was hard because i was a new grad and some thought my school wasnt " a true nursing school" so there was some hesitation. all in all it worked out for the hospital and myself.
  3. by   yeyaRN
    Ronin, thank you for your input, if you dont mind me asking another question, how long was your orientation period as a new grad? and do you know how long they orient new employees into your ED? I also went into the ED as a new grad so that is why I am interested
  4. by   Ronin185
    i was oriented for 6 months since i was a new grad. nurse with experience is usually 2-4 weeks depending on how experienced they are. at my place you cant just throw someone in but from what i see for job openings there are plenty of ed fellowships.
  5. by   HIPAA
    I think this image sums up the NYC job market:
  6. by   yeyaRN
    well I have been applying like crazy and so far i have spoken with some nurse recruiters but nothing solid yet
  7. by   yeyaRN
    Yes! I got a job! start this next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   thekidisback
    congrats! more info please! where did you get hired?!

    i'm also an associates nurse (currently in an online BSN program) with 11 months experience in med-surg. i feel like there's hope!

    i actually prefer something a little easier though like a clinic/doc office. but if it's a hospital hiring associate nurses, then why not!? i'll take that too.
  9. by   yeyaRN
    I am so sorry, I was so excited about it, I got a job in a hospital in Brooklyn in the ED which is what I wanted.

    Advice I have for everyone is: bother people, email, call, etc the nurse recruiters, go in person. Get certified. Apply for all jobs and take what you can get so you can get experience.

    I have about 3 years of exp. in emergency nursing, not a bsn but working on it. So if you dont have one start working on it cause in nyc you need it to survive and get those interviews.

    Also network with your friends, email all your friends, tell them you are looking.

    Oh and try to have copies of your resume with you, and practice interview questions, you never know when you are going to meet someone.

    I am so excited about it, finally.
  10. by   RNFiona
    Just let it be known....NYC ER nursing is very different than ER nursing elsewhere. Enter with an open mind