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hello nurses or nurses-to-be!!! iam new to this site and iam seriously considering to go to nursing school; the only problem is that i am not sure which cuny school to go to!!!!:uhoh3: everyone... Read More

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    Quote from echinacea
    Thanks for the info!

    To clarify, I was wondering if the nursing classes were a more serious environment. (I should have said that instead of commenting on study habits.) I want a high quality education, and quality of the students is a factor in that. (Along with many other things like instructor quality, and the quality of services, advisement, and the rest.)
    I think that I like the clinicals more than the classroom lectures on a whole. Although I feel that we should have much much more clinical hours to perform our skills. Most of the professors that I had were ok, my CHEM 121 prof., health prof., and Eng prof. and math prof. were the BEST professors that I had in BMCC. Much of the learning is really done by the students, by reading the book, practice NCLEX questions, watch videos, and practice hands-on skills in the lab. Many of the class lectures are done in powerpoint and class handouts are given. Sometimes you don't even have time to see your professors because of time conflict issue, but you can set up an appointment to see them. Some professors are very caring on whether or not their students are passing the class, yet, I can't speak on behalf of ALL of them. There are several students who fail their classes and end up repeating the class, esp. in NUR 3 and NUR 4 where the material is much much harder. Imagine you have really hard working students barely passing their classes. But it is something that you will also find in other nursing schools. My advice to you once you are in the program is to STUDY, and don't pay attention to the other students!!! If you don't understand the material, ask questions, don't wait until the last minute to seek help. There is also tutoring for nursing students available. Like in any other subjects there are professors who lack teaching skills, and there are students that are looking for the easy way out!!!

    BUT in NURSING, like I said before you need to STUDY!!! At BMCC, the nursing students KNOW that!!! There are students who perform well in clinicals, and there are others who do better on exams. Overall, the nursing program at BMCC is fine, but I don't think that I would even try to compare it to NYU. It's just like me trying to compare NY to MAINE.

    Now, there is a saying: "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!" If you feel that going to NYU will make you a better nurse, maybe you lack something than apply to NYU and become a nurse. Personally, I really do feel that private education is on top on their game, but if I had the money I would not be at BMCC. Since you already have a degree, it may be to your interest to attend NYU. When I graduate, I make myself a promise to get my BSN at a private school, because I believe that I will receive more support from the school.

    Follow your heart!!!
    Remember that NYS requires ADN graduates to get their BSN withing 10 years of graduating!!!
    At the end of the BSN and ADN - both group will take NCLEX for license, both are RNs!!!
    ADNs start to work in hospitals, which may pay schooling for them to get BSN!!!

    Maybe you might be interested in this post: BSN vs. ADN
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    Quote from mimine
    Remember that NYS requires ADN graduates to get their BSN withing 10 years of graduating!!!
    Do you have a link/reference backing up this statement? I ask, because although I have heard this statement before, it was within the context of potential legislation that MIGHT be passed, but had not been voted upon and/or put into action yet. This idea has been around for over 20 years now, but last I heard it wasn't brought into fruition...

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    hi mimine,

    thanks for all the info!! just like echinacea, i'm about to finish my prerequisites at lgcc and was struggling to decide whether to go into an accelerated bsn program, a regular bsn program or 2 years adn programs offered in cuny colleges, ( and with the same reason, it's less expensive going to cuny schools) since i've already gotten my bachelor in another field.

    and not to assault anyone, i agree with echinacea that ppl in my chem classes (this class i took in citytech) the majority of them must not study much yet hoping to get into the nursing field:stone ; the exams are jokes....yes very rudimentary indeed compare to the 4-years school i've been to, of course this also depends on the prof. because i've had one really great prof in another class in the same school as well , but overall it worries me because i didn't want to struggle if i ever got accepted into the nursing program and not knowing the fundamental materials good enough...:imbar

    like echinacea, i would like high quality education, and the over qualities of one school and their teacher matters...but considering the expenses i really dun have much choice that is why i started this topic in the first place because i was trying to find out which cuny school has the best program; but some of the repliers are right about one thing.... there's really no good or bad programs since they dun all prepare you well for the real world and it is all up to yourself to study hard and do good .

    actually i would really like to get into 2 years adn/bsn program then accelerated because i think 1 year of bsn is a little too hurried or hastily even(?) and i wonder whether i would be qualify to be a nurse after only 1 short year when others takes at least 2-4 years to get their bsn:uhoh21: ?? i would really appreciate if other nursing students or recent grads of the accelerated program can give us more info or insights on this.

    so my advice to echinacea is to apply to as many school as you can (adn, bsn, accelerated, all of them) and see which school accepts you then decide; as for myself i've applied to the cunys, nyu, liu, adelphi, stony, pace, and downstate, since they are all competitive it's hard to say which school you'll get into unless of course you are getting 4.0 gpa then that's another story .

    feel free to ask anything for all that needs more info, i'll do the best i can to answer.
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    Quote from drizzle
    so my advice to echinacea is to apply to as many school as you can (adn, bsn, accelerated, all of them) and see which school accepts you then decide; as for myself i've applied to the cunys, nyu, liu, adelphi, stony, pace, and downstate, since they are all competitive it's hard to say which school you'll get into unless of course you are getting 4.0 gpa then that's another story .

    feel free to ask anything for all that needs more info, i'll do the best i can to answer.
    hey drizzle,

    i know for sure nyu, columbia, stonybrook, downstate are on top of the list of being very competitive!!! i know many people from nassau cc, suffolk cc, bmcc, and kingsborough who went on to liu, and adelphi, cnr, with b-'s and c's. so i don't know!!! like i said before that it is up to a person to make use of the available resources at whatever school for the future when they become professonials. it's just like i don't expect every single harvard graduates to be the best, at what they do. imagine that there are a couple of students from baruch college (cuny) that perform better than several ivy league students on wall street. so just think about that. currently, at my school several clinical students get upset, cry, and fuss when they realize that they are not getting a's. then you look at the one's that are struggling for a passing grade of 73%, and it's kind of sad that someone with an 86% on an exam, better yet a 90% moaning. sometimes i just laugh to myself. fftopic:

    i digress,!!!:lol_hitti

    drizzle, i am happy that you've applied to all of those schools to increase your chances. liu (apply today in person and register today in person), and adelphi will definitely choose you, unless i don't know??? downstate is pretty selective and nyu will be a nice price $$$, stonybrook (high-class public school, also selective) i've worked with stonybrook nurses, one word to say excellent!!!, and pace (i'm not so thrilled with their nursing program). but choose the program that you feel that has your best interest!!!

    good luck, and whichever school you go to please, please, please study!!!
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    Quote from Nurse212
    I ask, because although I have heard this statement before, it was within the context of potential legislation that MIGHT be passed, but had not been voted upon and/or put into action yet.
    "The bill (S5056/A8160) is the result of a recommendation made two years ago by the state Board for Nursing, a proposal that has been the subject of discussion and debate among nursing groups across the state. The measure states that the educational requirement will not apply to currently licensed RNs or to students who have applied to or are enrolled in nursing programs at the time the law is enacted." quote from link below at

    In addition, many schools require that the SCIENCE courses be no more than 5 yrs. old, and others allow them to be up to 10 yrs. old. In 15 years, I think that I should be done with my schooling, then again if life was so well planned there would not be career changers in nursing!!!

    But I realized that the NYSNA is very interested in pushing for BSN education. However, since there are still LPN's, Diploma graduates, and ADN's I wonder what would happen. Some hospitals won't even hire LPNs.
  6. by   Nurse212

    After reading through all those links, I don't see where it states that the bill was signed into law. As it stands, it seems to have been introduced and they are looking to get it signed in sometime 2006, but it still shouldn't be active...
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    Quote from marinka
    I highly recommend you to stay at the school you are in right now. I don't know much of colleges you listed. I know many people who went to Kingsborough and Hunter, and they weren't happy. They said the program is too compatitive and intense. I studied at Hunter, and I didn't like it. I know several people who graduated from NYC tech. They passed NCLEX from the first time, and said they liked the program. Let's be honest, no nursing school will prepare you to work environment. So, you might as well pick one where majority of staff are pleasant and helpful. I think it promotes learning unlike other schools where you always afraid to be dropped from the program.
    hi. i am moving back to NYC and was thinking about going to Hunter, but now i don't know after reading this thread . is there anything else you could tell me about why is it so bad it really really difficult to get in, etc.??
  8. by   echinacea
    I don't think anyone said Hunter was bad (?) I have only heard good things about it, and would go there if I have the option. The difference between Hunter and some others is you have to be enrolled there for a semester before you can apply to the nursing program, and you have to take Chem I and II along with the other standard pre-reqs. Also there is no program for college grads, but I'm sure they take transfer credits. Best of luck!
  9. by   MagicalThinking
    thanks. sorry i got the impression hunter isn't great because of a a few other threads i read. i think i might try BMCC and then do an accelerated BSN after.
  10. by   miznurse2be
    Hello All!

    I have just finished my nursing program from NYCCT. I have to say that it is an excellent program. It has it's kinks like all programs but you will be well prepared to sit for your boards upon graduating. Our program is well respected with a 95% passing rate of NCLEX. NYCCT is considered one of the top in the country due to their consistantly high passing rate. Last semester (spring 05) only 1 student failed. What I would suggest to anyone researching schools is to find out, if their accrediation is up to date, have they had and problems with their accrediation recently(Medgar Evers had a problem with theirs), what is the rate of NCLEX passing of the graduating students.
  11. by   scared407
    I am actually going to College of Staten Island next week to fill out my application for school (majoring in nursing of course) - my best friend graduated from there, she did great and loved the school, she failed one class - she's been a registered nurse for years now and work at Long Island Jewish... a friend of ours who, like me, worked in nyc for many years and knew that nursing was her calling - she went to college of staten island and is now a registered nurse - highly recommends their nursing program. ahhhh im petrified, terrified, scared, etc etc - and i havent even filled out my application yet. Actually sitting here crying thinking of this huge change i am making, but it's what i want. Also college of staten island is five minutes from my house - but i hear it's a great college.
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    I attended Lehman College and do not recommend you go there. I find that with all the CUNY schools the professors make it very difficult for obvious reasons, but some more than others. I have had a lot of RN's from the two year colleges (BMCC, Hostos) in my courses and it seems the feelings of disgust run mutually in all the CUNY colleges. The old really eat their young unfortunately. Lehman is now implementing a new entrance exam, which you haveto pay for, on the computer and going to use that as the basis of admission and weigh the pre-req's less. I do not know about other schools but in your final semester, Lehman Nursing program will do all they can to prevent you from taking the state boards because their passing rate is not as high as it was a semester ago. They require you to take the National League for Nursing Exam, which is a general exam which does include many of the things you may not be taught. I do not know of other colleges, but this college is short on staff and will hire just about anyone to teach a course. If you do not get the score they want you to get on the NLN they will not give you permission to take the NCLEX. There are students that are still waiting from a year ago to have the school send their info to Albany.

    Many of the professors are rude and constantly throw in your face that they can fail you at any given point in time. If you have a personality conflict with a professor they can fail you and according to the WONDERFUL department chair she does not want to hear any complaints about her holier than though staff. There are only four professors I know that I consider to conduct themselves as professionals. I am not familiar with the professors that teach the Grad school level courses. I could continue going on and on and on and on about this college. I, in a way, regret going there. I was better off going to a private college and maybe I would have been treated with some dignity and respect. I feel like CUNY is welfare and the professor's make you feel like you are begging them for a grade you deserve.
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    NOOOOOOO BMCC does not have a waiting list.Don't apply there unless you have a 3.78 GPA or above.