Stony Brook University - Fall 2012 applicants

  1. Good morning ladies and gentelmen,

    My ultimate goal is to get into Stony Brook University school of nursing . So congradulations to all of you that have been accepted for fall 2011! I have a question for those who have gotten accepted for fall 2011, future Stony Brook applicants or simply any one who has an opinion toward my career path. I attend a cuny and I am looking to apply for SBU 2012, by that time I would have completed everything except micro. The admission commitee will not see my grades for that final semester. I failed anatomy and I feel like that will be another reason to disqualify me. So this are my choices.

    A) If I get lucky I would get accepted for fall 2012.. Yay no worries

    B) If I do not get accepted, I would be done by spring 2012 with all my pre-reqs completed to attend SB, plus an associated of science in science. This means I will apply for SBU 2013 class. The admission committee will have the additional spring 2012 semester to review plus fall 2012 courses. For fall 2012, I plan to transfer to hunter college and go under the general biology degree, so when I apply again to SBU fall 2013 nursing class I will have science courses taken at hunter college that can possibly make up for the failed anatomy class.

    All goes to plan I get accepted into SBU 2013 nursing program

    C) again, if I do not get accepted my other option is instead of going to hunter college and taking biology classes, I would transfer fall 2012 to Stony Brook University and work on my bachelor science degree in health science. ( Has any one taken this degree in SBU? ) and still apply for SBU fall 2013 nusing class.


    D) Complete my bachelor of health science at Stony Brook University, ace this degree and apply to SBU school of nursing( I have read of students who got accepted with this degree into SB school of nursing.)

    Thank you so much, any insight would be taking into consideration. I really want to attend Stony Brook University school of nursing. Thanks for taking the time to read my post I look forward to your replies.

    Is anyone out there looking to apply for SBU fall 2012 class?
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  3. by   cookie91
    Hi... Any one out there has any advice?
  4. by   KJM-RN
    If Stony Brook is your main goal, then why not just transfer to Stony Brook and begin the health sciences major, instead of changing to Hunter and then changing again to Stony Brook? According to what they say at the school of nursing info sessions, they do take into account if you are a current Stony Brook student, so that has to help increase your chances of being accepted. Plus if you are a health sciences major, it would be easy for you to also volunteer in Stony Brook hospital, gaining important volunteer experience. Hope that helps your decision somewhat. Good Luck
  5. by   cookie91
    Thank you so much kjm84. I was thinking of doing that. Hopefully i get in Stony Brook 2012 program but i really don't mind getting a Bachelor's degree in health science. Thanks for your input.
  6. by   EMT-Native
    And if you don't get in the first time you could possible do the 1yr program with your bach. after at SB.
  7. by   PacoUSA
    Good luck cookie91 !! In my fall semester right now with the ABSN @ SBU ... do it!!
  8. by   cookie91
    Thanks paco!!! I was just looking at the application web site. It is very competitive but if I apply I may have a chance. Looking thru your forum it seems like it can be anybody. Thanks a lot I hope to write to you in future for any help.

    Good luck
  9. by   globalRN
    the SON faculty and staff for FNP program are absolutely lovely and warm people.
  10. by   foifi
    good luck everyone with stony brook, they are verrrrrry hard to get into. I applied to both programs Accelerated and 2 year and did not get into either. They do not have nearly enough spots for the amount of students that apply. Good Luck!
  11. by   jack5684
    @foifi - what is your gpa and your status.
  12. by   jack5684
    what is your gpa?
  13. by   cookie91
    To be honest, from the responds I have read on the Fall 2011 application your GPA will only get you so far. I read posts on people with a 4.0 GPA not getting accepted into the program. I think they are looking for individuals that care about the community by demonstrating leadership qualities and volunteer/ work experience. These qualities should also be shown in a committed amount of time. Maybe a year or more.

    I don't understand how adcoms accept their students, but doing the best that you can do with your time will hopefully work towards your goal.

    I decided I am going to aim for fall 2012. It will not hurt me at all if don't apply. I am almost done with my Pre-reqs this semester anyway.

    If anyone would care to join and tell us how your application is going so far it would be very encouraging.

    Thank you all!
  14. by   jack5684
    Maybe apply to other schools?