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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! Good luck to all :p... Read More

  1. by   spiritedkidd
    @paco -- nooo worries, no one can replace you! lol

    @yankees -- basically what chichi said. the references will be emailed (i think theyre emailed a link). they answer some questions based on what they think of our abilities, intellect, personality, and potential, etc etc. i dont believe the references have to send in or email an actual letter of reference. stonybrook has a separate system when it comes to letter of references.
  2. by   Yankees252411
    thanks guys
    it was just something i was wondering lol.. thanks for the clarification
  3. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from chichi777
    @paco... I have a question I just saw the summer classes book list on solar. Should I buy the books now
    Or what will I get it from the school book store. I spoke to someone from the nursing office and they said that we should
    wait because they will be a couple of additional items included in the book packages when received at orientation.
    What Is your suggestion or anyone who has done this program. Thank you so much
    If I were you doing this program again (oh I how I would NOT do this program again ... only because of madness, not because of quality, because I got an excellent education): I would try to get your books online through Amazon or wherever is cheaper. The bookstore prices are expensive. If you can, swing by the bookstore a week or so before orientation and buy what you think is reasonable and buy the rest online. You DON'T have to buy new books for this program (with few exceptions, like the math book). Hundreds of students have graduated using older editions and do just fine in school and ultimately on NCLEX. Nursing process and theory does not get extinct on ONE textbook edition. When they push you to buy textbooks in the bookstore, it's their way of keeping the bookstore alive. Don't fall for it all the time. Sometimes the bookstore is useful but other times, no ... you can get cheaper elsewhere. Although, at some point I fear they will make it so that you can ONLY buy nursing books at their bookstore, hopefully not until after you all are graduated.
  4. by   HopefulSRNA1234
    Hi Yankee, they will receive an email and fill out a form. It asks three questions and they sign the form electronically:

    1. In what capacities have you known the applicant?
    2. How long have you known the applicant?
    3. Please comment on the applicant in relation to the following characteristics: Capacity for leadership, judgment and problem solving ability, possession of a fertile imagination and originality, emotional maturity, interactions with others, capacity for sustained hard work under trying conditions, response to constructive feedback and resulting capacity for change and growth.

    That's it!
  5. by   justme2018

    When u were making ur decision for schools....would u have paid $80-90 K for a accelerated nursing program? Do U think its Worth It.....
  6. by   justme2018

    I saw ur post on nyu forun
  7. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from justme2018
    When u were making ur decision for schools....would u have paid $80-90 K for a accelerated nursing program? Do U think its Worth It.....
    Had I not gone to Stony Brook, I probably would have ... but only with a school that would be worth it. Columbia? I would absolutely have paid that amount to go there when you consider the resources, the name recognition and the alumni endowment and networking potential connected with an Ivy League school. But I would be on the fence about paying that much for NYU. I have heard more good things about Columbia's program than I had heard about NYU. But I am glad I went to Stony Brook because (1) it was cheaper even as an out of state resident, (2) it does have a top reputation for a nursing school, and (3) getting a job at the hospital was much easier than if I had competed for one in NYC. So in hindsight, I would say I made a wise financial decision. When I decide to go to grad school however, Columbia is at the top of my list. I will likely be at a NYC hospital by then.
  8. by   justme2018
    Paco I am trying to decide between NYU ,University of Rochester, And Stony

    what would you have Done? Any advice will be appreciated
  9. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from justme2018
    Paco I am trying to decide between NYU ,University of Rochester, And Stony

    what would you have Done? Any advice will be appreciated
    Between those 3 schools? I think you know which one I would have chosen
  10. by   justme2018

    im not sure

    Nyu is 90k
    rochester 87k
    stony brook is like 30k

    the rankings of The schools are Different but Idk if That matters really upset and Stressed

  11. by   spiritedkidd
    im not paco, but maybe my 2 cents might help? stonybrook has a very high passing rate for 1st-time NCLEX takers. in the state, it's only second to columbia. so their passing rate is higher than nyu's and rochester's. also, you might wanna consider other factors, like travel/living expenses. maybe take a tour of the campus/area to see if youre comfortable there and see yourself excelling there. i personally wouldnt want or be comfortable paying 90K for nyu, even though it has good name recognition. with stony, i know it has good connections with the stonybrk hospital so that could be good job-wise
  12. by   justme2018
    @ spirit kid

    thank you so much.....I went to nyc yesterday and I absolutely hated the environment Lol

    i Think I Know what school im Going To choose
  13. by   spiritedkidd
    Thats great! (Referrinf to you knowing what school, lol). I hope youll be happy and successful no mattet which school you go to! Btw is it for this yr or are you going to apply next yr? I dont remember if you mentioned being accepted to those three, so I assumed those were your top three schools