RN New grad prog in New York?

  1. I'm wondering if there are any hospitals in New York that have a new grad program? IF there are any, would it be hard to get in? I'm having a hard time getting in Southern CA. I am currently working here in Las Vegas in a sub- acute unit and I have tried so many times to apply in all well almost all of the hospitals here but I haven't got any replies.
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  3. by   ladyash
    New York Presbyterian and NYU have new grad programs. These two are very competitive. They also like you to have experience outside of your clinical experience from school. I know other hospitals have new grad programs but you will have to do an internet search. You can google hospitals in ny and it will give you a list where you can visit the hospital's websites.
  4. by   roseynurse345
    Its important to have a BSN, they are not hiring new ADNs.