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I've been looking in to moving back to NYC lately. When I left 10 years ago you could find a 1 bedroom for say $650, and 2 bedroom for $800. I was recently looking on the web at the NY Daily News and... Read More

  1. by   anonny27
    wouldn't want to offend anyone
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  2. by   I Dream of Nursing
    I think theres a big fat misunderstanding that NYC gets paid more .. Ok first off minium wage across America is the same thing no matter where you go. Secondly, I was looking at Nursing jobs in Florida or Healthcare jobs in general because my mom wants a part time as a HHC so i found that they pay just about the same. But the pay in general when it comes to nursing its competetive anywhere you go. And people fail to realize that NYC we pay 3 taxes ..Its especially harder if your single, have no dependants, and its the begining of your career. dont let this discourage anybody, just facing facts. Ok i live in Queens, I know manhattan inside out, and Brooklyn as well ...I live about 5 minutes from the 59st bridge <that goes into the city> and rent here is high...But if you go 40 minutes from the city u can get a 3 bedroom for 1200 ..YES YOU CAN The reason why rent is ridiculous in Manhattan is because we pay for the neighborhood in NY not the house! My best advice for everyone is that if you go to or there are ppl that need roomates, place an ad or call one up and see if u can handle it. and NJ is definately the way to go, people that live in NYC dont go to manhattan every single day unless they have work ..they much rather relax on the weekend or go out saturday night in which i dont think you mind a 20 minute ride on the subway or what have you..And NJ doesnt pay 3 sets of taxes ..And instead of renting <where ur losing money> Put a downpayment on a house and spend 900 a month on a mortgage you'll be happy in the end trust me
  3. by   I Dream of Nursing
    Oops NJ does pay 3 i think but they dont pay shopping tax ! ..Just found that out from my Dad, even a better reason to go to jersey
  4. by   szccdw
    Well I'm a single mom and a roommate is out of the question. I've been looking at some homes in Queens to purchase (just sold some rental property so I have a little change to spare). I grew up in a house in Queens and have always lived in a house so this would really be my only option. Plus I'd like to have a little yard for my little one to play in. I could always rent out my basement, "legally", for extra income. I've found a MLS website and have been viewing the homes and the tax information on them. We'll see what happens. I hope to be moved by August 2005.
  5. by   -jt
    <<<but my goodness how are you all surviving?>>>

    Most of us dont live in Manhattan.