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  1. Miranda, thanks for you concern. Sorry, I thought it was the nurses who couldn't solicit or ask for work. I wasn't exactly looking for somebody to offer their services. I was just wondering if anyone knew of an actual nursing agency in NYC, because my primary care provider is in Connecticut and they actually asked me if I know a nurse personally. Unfortunately, I do not and they haven't been able to find an agency for me, even said (strangely enough) that home services are hard to find in NYC (of all places!). I'm not sure what to do, and that's why I was curious if somebody knows how to find one. Thanks!
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  3. by   sirI

    Try here:

    We sincerely hope you find a nurse to help you. Many private duty nurses excel in this area. You should check with hospitials in NYC as well for some will have a list of those available for hire.

    We wish you good luck.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Call your insurance company...number listed on back of card. You are getting run around cause insurance based in one state and they most likely need to set up contract with out of network homecare provider in NY. You need homecar agency that provides IV infusion services...not all provide.

    Visiting nurse association agency's more likely to contract with insurance companies.

    PM/email me if you still need assist..... something I do as home care Intake Manager daily. Can get you names of agencies in your area to give to insurance company.

    I FUME every time patients call in requesting help as doctors giving patients prescription and expecting them to set up care. Gets worse each year.

    Off the soapbox....
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