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  1. Hi,
    I'm a new grad from an ASN program in the city. I'll be relocating to Albany after taking my NCLEX (and passing God willingly ) and I had a few questions...normally I don't post because my questions are already answered in other posts but here goes:
    I was thinking about working in Albany Medical Center...does this hospital have the full time 12Hr shifts (i.e. 7am-7pm)? (particularly in the Med/Surg units since that's where I'd like to start out and gain experience before moving to ICU). Are any of the RN's in Capital Region hospitals under NYSNA? Are there any hospitals in the capital region that take new grads with minimal experience (I've done a summer internship at a hospital in the city) and have the full time 12Hr shifts? Do any Nursing Homes in the Capital Region take new grads and have the full time 12hr shifts?
    I'm getting kind of worried cause most of my friends who have graduated before me are having a hard time finding a job in the city (most are at a hiring freeze or are only looking for nurses with experience) so I'm kind of wondering if thats the case in the Capital region as well.
    Can anyone also tell me about working at Albany Medical you can see I'm highly interested in the hospital since it kind of reminds me of Westchester Medical Center...
    Hopefully anyone will be able to answer my questions...sorry for the long post...Thanks!!
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  3. by   BxLibra
    are there any capital region nurses willing to answer my question??
  4. by   BxLibra
    still hoping someone would be willing to answer my question...thanks...
  5. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Yes, AMC does take on new undergrads. They have a pretty elaborate orientation program and yes they offer 12 hour shifts, but no they are not unionized.

    I relocated for this place thinking it was my new grad answer and had to leave at the end of orientation due to chest pains.
  6. by   BxLibra
    Thanks so much for answering this....
    you said they had an elaborate orientation program...what exactly do you mean by that? How long is the orientation program to lets say a med-surg floor?
  7. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    well, the program lasts approx 3 mos but they don't allow you time to actually get your feet wet before "trading" you off to different preceptors as their schedule (not your learning curve) permit. I had 9 preceptors in my first 2 weeks and they were all telling me something different. Didn't sit well w/ my linear OCD brain.
  8. by   BxLibra
    wow that kinda sucks...I hope I could adjust quick enough...thanks so much for answering my questions!!!
  9. by   Gentleman_nurse
    I visit Albany a couple of times a year. If I may ask, what was the salary range for nurses at Albany Med?
  10. by   Chloe'sinNYNow
    Of all the hospitals in the capital region, they pay the lowest. New grad pay is barely $20 plus diffs. Or was it $19? It's been a while. But they consider themselves a teaching hospital because they are a Level I research hospital. I think that's crap. Sorry, just my 2 cents.