Question For Beth Isreal and LICH Students

  1. Hi All,

    I am thinking of applying to the nursing program in 2008. Is it true that if you do not have high school biology and chemistry, you will not be admitted?

    What is ATOP?

    When does the evening program actually start?

    What are the evening hours?

    How are the classes and instructors like?

    What tips can you offer to prospective students who are desperate to be admitted?

    Thank you soooo much, I hope that was not too much.
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  3. by   tocumen

    The ATOP program is only offered at Beth Isreal. Lich just started a evening program this past August. And students are only admitted to the evening progam during the Fall semester. The evening classes start at 6:00 pm and depending on the day it ends between 8:30 & 10:45 pm at night.

    The evening class is fairly small. There is 19 students in the evening program and about 90 students during the day.

    The clinical and lab professors are great. The professors who lectures are ok. I have had better professors. There are very helpful and if you needed additional tutoring they are willing to take time out to help you in your weak areas.

    Just note that this is a very competitive program. Before you enroll into the program whether if its day or evening. If you are interested in the evening program, certain courses such as Anatomy & Physiology I & II has to be completed prior to entering the program. In order to take the the two A&P classes in certain colleges biology and chemistry has to be completed first.

    The only tip I can offer you is where ever your decide to take your prerequisite courses -- make sure you obtain a B+ or better on your grades, because that becomes a determining factor of getting admitted into the program if your NLN score is not up to par.