Private student loans

  1. It looks like I may be accepted into the nursing program of the most expensive school I applied to. I will only be working PT when I start the program. Has anybody taken out 2 loans per school year - 1 to pay for tuition and the other to live off of?

    Is this even possible? Getting 2 separate loans from 2 separate lenders?

    I hope so since I feel this is my only chance of becoming an RN!
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  3. by   Doofy
    I quit my job to take a shot at this too.

    I've got 1 Federal Direct loan for cc tuition
    I've got a 2nd FDL to pay for my food
    And I've got a Home Equity loan to pay my mortgage.

    With a mortgage, my debt is piling up faster than if I had gone to a private college.
  4. by   Wsmith16
    Congrats Tracy. I know this has been a long journey. Look to see if your school offers the federal perkins loan to see if you are eligible supposedly if you become a nurse you don't have to pay it back. Some schools offer the Nursing Federal loan which has a lower interest rate then private loans. And look into hospitals that will help pay for your loans after you graduate. It's totally possible to take out more than--one my friend and I are most likely going to do it once we decide exactly which school we are going to.
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Wells Fargo allows you to take out up to 25k per year. That should help put a dent in it

    Good luck!
  6. by   nurse2btracy
    Thanks - my biggest fear is getting into the school and getting approved for one loan and then not being able to get another loan for the same school year.

    Does anybody know of anyone who has taken out 2 separate loans for 2 separate lenders?

    I have totally tapped out my federal aid/loan limits.
  7. by   BwayDani
    Don't know about the 2 separate loans at one time, but I took out a loan from JP Morgan Chase- It's called "Education One", and depending on your school, they'll give you up to 30K per year for whatever you need to spend it on. They are totally paying my rent, thank you Jesus!
  8. by   Suz_QRN
    Congradulations and good luck!!! is a good play to try, you can borrow up to 60,000 dollars a year for health related degrees. I have received a loan from them last year and in the process of getting another one. I hope this helps.:spin: