Prerequisites for Adelphi Admission

  1. Good Afternoon All Nurses & Future Nurses,

    I want to get into the Adelphi BSN program and I want to see if I have a chance of being accepted into the program.

    I previous went to Nassau Community College pursuing education in 2007 (which I'm not longer pursuing) and received 17 credits with a total GPA of 1.65 ( I wasn't serious back then -_-)
    However those credits earned included English 101 (Received a B) and Psy 101 (Received a B+) I believe those are classes needed to complete Adelphi's program.

    In addition I'm currently taking AP1 at Suffolk Community and will take AP2 in the Spring.

    What do you believe my chances of getting into the Adelphi's program are?

    What are the pre-requirements to getting into the program.

    Please share you thoughts

    Thank you in advance

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    Hey, I went to an info session at Adelphi Manhattan in the summer, and the requirements are essentially the same.
    For transfers:

    Overall GPA of at least 3.0
    No more than 2 science pre-req grades below a C+
    Passing scores on the TEAS V exam (they host 1 sitting for the exam each term, I think, for $40. But you can also take it on your own for $110--

    Anatomy & Physio I and II
    Developmental Psychology through the Lifespan
    Chemistry - 4 credits of General Chem AND 4 credits of Organic Chem OR Chem 109 (a special 5-credit course at Adelphi for nurse majors)

    They have info sessions every month or so at the Garden City campus too. Check out their admissions page. Hope this was helpful...