Pace University BSN/MA- Westchester, Spring 2010 - page 4

Hello all! Has anyone applied to Pace University's combined degree program in Westchester for this coming Spring? I just applied and I am anxiously awaiting my acceptance or rejection notice. I... Read More

  1. by   jjean331
    you still need the GRE for the 2 year program at Pace. Maybe he took it years ago before they required it. The reason they require the GRE is because they offer Grad courses too.
  2. by   NanaAO
    Do you know when they started requiring it? He graduated in 2008 I believe. I remember him starting in 2006 or so, maybe 2005. When I told him I was interested but the GRE turned me off he had no idea what I was talking about, lol.
  3. by   jjean331
    Not sure when they started requiring it. Good Luck I'm taking the GRE in Oct.
  4. by   NanaAO
    Good luck to you too! We'll probably both pass and get in and see each other in Spring, lol!
  5. by   jjean331
    That would be awesome. I really hope so.
  6. by   huffman1980
    I happy to say I got my acceptance letter for the Spring 2010 semester today! Now to come up with the money...
  7. by   maybesooninny
    Good for you!!!!!

    Would you mind telling me... When did you apply, and the all-important, what grades did you have in undergrad, prerequisite classes, and on the GRE's?

    Also, did they tell you in email or via snail mail?? I'm expecting to hear any day, but suspect there's prolly a 50/50 chance I'll get on vs not get in.

    best pf luck to you! Maybe we'll connect if I get in.

    Sincerely, .Maybesoon!
  8. by   djmsailor
    Congrats, hopefully the rest of us will get ours soon.
  9. by   huffman1980

    my application was complete in late august.

    Undergrad GPA - 3.6 (BS Biology)
    Graduate GPA - 3.8 (MS Forensic Science)
    Prereq GPA - 3.85 (I'm currently taking A&P 2)

    I took the percentile was in the mid-80s.

    my acceptance came through the snail mail.

    hope this helps and that you hear soon!
  10. by   maybesooninny
    Good for you! Congratulations.

    Did they notify you in email or snail mail?
  11. by   huffman1980

    the notification came through normal mail
  12. by   jjean331
    I called the admissions office and they said that they hadn't sent out acceptances yet for the Spring 2010 class the only ones that had been accepted were students that had deferred their entrance prior to this semester. Is that your case?
  13. by   huffman1980
    No, this is the first time I applied. Weird.