NYU vs Columbia ANP program??

  1. Hi, I'm currently a student in the ANP program at Columbia and am thinking of transferring to NYU's ANP program (possibly going the hollistic nursing path, possibly not). I was wondering if there are any NYU students out there that could give me some feedback on the program, availability of clinical placements, quality of professors, program director, etc. Columbia isn't quite what I expected and I've heard some good things about NYU and thought I'd see what people think.
    Any advice is much appreciated.
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  3. by   LookingAhead
    Hi ebu - sorry, I can't speak to NYU's ANP program, but would you mind posting a little about what your experience has been like at Columbia? (Are you in the ETP program BSN phase, or the MSN program?)

    I know there are lots of people on allnurses curious about current students' experiences at Columbia, myself included. Plus, it might help people address the aspects of Columbia that you're having problems with.
  4. by   ebu138
    I am in the MSN program and my experience so far has been mixed. The Columbia program is really geared towards producing NP's without formal RN experience (ETP program), which is fine, but it makes the graduate program less valuable for experienced RNs. Plus the ETP and ANP programs are each a semester shorter than many other programs (RN in 12, NP in 15), which makes me nervous in a world where NP internships are not the norm.
    Other more specific issues I have relate to what I perceive as a lack of investment in the graduate portion of the ETP program. The majority of the NP-specific professors are young and while presumably excellent practitioners, they are poor lecturers. There are exceptions of course, including a couple truly great professors, but as far as I can tell their involvement dwindles the further you get along in the program. Another issue is the lack of guidance and feeling of community. This may change and again may be related to not starting with the ETP program.

    This is all spelled out on the website and while it may be a good model for people entering the field, I don't recommend it to 'lateral entry' students (RN's) since the program feels very rushed, the curriculum is very textbook focused and the vast majority of your classmates lack real world nursing experience--something I did not consider the implications of before starting.

    hope that helps.
    I'm meeting with NYU next week to figure out the realities of transferring.
  5. by   LookingAhead
    Thanks so much for your post, ebu, and I'm sorry that you're not having a great experience. Let us know how it goes at NYU - and maybe some current NYU students can get on here and offer their advice.
  6. by   Gentleman_nurse
    Hi ebu138

    I found this thread. I'm curious. How did your meeting with NYU go? Did you find it more to your liking?
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    I'm interested in knowing more about the difference between NYU and Columbia and the other graduate nursing programs in NYC. I was hoping that students in the NP program would have access to the rich academic resources in Columbia (specifically if nursing research is an interest) but that doesn't sound like it's the case. I certainly don't want to pay for a Columbia education if I can get an experience as good or better for a much lower price.
  8. by   chestcompressor
    I was interested in applying to NYU and Columbia for the ACNP programs and also very interested in the Holistic NP program at NYU.

    Ebu, how hard was it to get into Columbia's NP program? How many students do they take in during their summer term versus # of applicants? Is it very competitive to get in?

    I have 3 years nursing experience, it's kind of disappointing to hear that their program is really geared to students without experience. It's crazy to think that you can be a practitioner without any bedside experience.