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  1. Hello I recently applied for a position at NYU, they sent me an email recently saying to complete an online questionnaire or assessment tool. Is that a good sign? Do I have a good chance of hearing back?
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  3. by   DWinNY
    I'm curious about the hiring process at NYU as well. I also received the email invitation to take the online assessment/nurse career battery test. Did you take the assessment yet? I completed it this Tuesday but have not heard anything back from them yet. Hoping that we'll both hear from them soon...
  4. by   bjorklover
    Yep I took it around 6 this morning. I have no idea what the next steps are. I hope someone knows.
  5. by   bionicRN
    I was recently hired at Langone as a new grad (starting in a few weeks) and there was no online assessment/survey during the process. Neither did any of the people i know that were hired in the past few months have an online survey. This online assessment must be new for nyu langone.

    Good Luck folks.
  6. by   DWinNY
    Hi sannyRN, first off congrats on the job!! Wondering if you could answer some of my questions. How long was the hiring process from start to finish and what did it entail? And how were the interviews? Thanks in advance.
  7. by   bionicRN
    Quote from DWinNY
    Hi sannyRN, first off congrats on the job!! Wondering if you could answer some of my questions. How long was the hiring process from start to finish and what did it entail? And how were the interviews? Thanks in advance.

    I applied to NYU online sometime around mid to late June. Back when i applied there weren't any real job postings so i just sent in a general application. I heard nothing back until around mid-late August when i received an email invite to a group interview/information session for new grads. The group session was in the first week of September. It consisted of first a math dosage test (which was ridiculously easy). They collected our resumes and ALL of our official transcripts. There were 10 new grads (including myself) present at the group session and as a group we met two of the main RN recruiters for the hospital. We had an information session w/ the recruiters regarding the nurse residency program, what it entails, salary+ benefits, and job prospects at the hospital. The only questions they really asked us: "introduce yourself, a little bit of background and what 3 specialties are you interested in?" Nothing too serious at all. Essentially we were told from this session that the RN recruiters would then forward us to the managers for interviews for different units as positions opened up.

    And sure enough, about a week later we started getting a blast of emails (to all 10 participants from the session) for different positions opening up. (i.e. 2 Positions open for Neuro, accepting 3-4 potential interviewees, etc...) And they were first come first serve, so whoever replied the quickest was forwarded to the interview. After some tries and a few emails, I eventually was forwarded for an interview around the 18th of Sept. I had my interview which was a bit informal but still nerve-racking. It was a panel interview with the Nurse Manager of the Unit, an RN (one of the Charge RN) and one of the Patient Care Technicians. Questions weren't very clinical related but more situational and behavior oriented (How would you in react in situation X, Y, Z? Are you a team player? etc etc....)

    Anyways long story short, had my interview and about 2 hours later I heard back from the Nurse Recruiter via email that I got an offer for that unit. And that got the ball rolling on the next steps of the employment process.... Paperwork, Physical, Getting all my documents, Background Check, and References.

    Feel free to ask for anything else you may be curious about.
  8. by   DWinNY
    Wow, thank you for the extensive details, sannyRN! I really appreciate you taking the time to type all of that out. Very helpful information! I'm hoping this new career battery test that NYU appears to have implemented will eventually lead to an interview opportunity...in the meantime, I'll just keep following up with them, I suppose! Hopefully in the near future I can come back and reply to this thread with some good updates...

    Anyway, congrats again on landing the position, and good luck as you begin orientation and working!
  9. by   NS81
    How was the assessment/questionnaire? I haven't taken it yet. I'm a little nervous
  10. by   DWinNY
    NS81, I think the assessment was more psychological and for a judge of personality than anything else. No real clinical questions, and hard to determine what (if any) are the right/wrong answers. It's hard to describe...haha, sorry I feel like I'm not being very helpful!

    Here are a few previous threads on AN that discuss it a little more!
    What da heck is a Nurse Career Battery test?
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    I just tried to be as honest as possible on the assessment and hope that my responses are what they are looking for.
  11. by   NS81
    DWinNY~ thank you for responding! I took it early this morning. It was the same questions I took for NYP a few months back. I think I passed NYP because I received an email a few days later requesting a phone interview but nothing happened after that. I hope I passed this one because I need a job close to home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I honestly think it's a tricky test. How do you answer questions about yourself without sounding arrogant? The situational questions were not too bad but the very ineffective, ineffective or agree, strongly agree questions were tricky. Have you every made a mistake on your unit due to being tired? I haven't before but is that what they want me to say? Ugh confusing stuff. Haha.

    Thanks again for responding!
  12. by   NS81
    By the way, how do you find out if you passed or not?
  13. by   DWinNY
    I'm not sure if there's any way to find out if you passed or not..but hopefully we'll know we "passed" if NYU contacts us to move on the next step, whatever that may be!
  14. by   NS81
    I hope so too! Good luck (fingers crossed) :-)