1. Is It easier to find a job as an RN once you graduate from a school with a name, especially as these schools have teaching hospitals (NYU Langone/ NYP Columbia).?

    For graduates from these programs, was this the case for you?
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    I would think that someone from NYU would be given preference in NYU hospital or any of the hospitals affiliated with it, same for Columbia and its affiliates, but I'm not sure if that preference is enough to put that applicant above someone with experience.
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    Interestingly, I read from another thread (and actually heard from other RNs) that the name of the school does not matter, but your grades and references are what matter the most in the hiring process. I guess experience is always the key, but how are you to gain experience if no one is willing to hire you right after your graduate? It's a catch-22!
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    Hi, I'm a recent graduate of NYU and would like to comment -

    I don't think the 'name' of the school matters much unless you're insanely rich and have connections on the inside, which isn't the case for most of us. Based on anecdotal evidence NYU seems slightly more likely to take us NYU grads, and Columbia their own - but really, NYU isn't giving anyone without externship/internship experience time of day. If you go to nursing school at NYU there's a student externship program you can apply for - it's selective but all who participate end up getting hired after graduation. This seems the one sure-fire feed-in way to get a job there. A few others who didn't participate have gotten jobs there, but it's not a guarantee. Your GPA, references, and most of all your experience are more important.

    I meet a lot of SUNY, CUNY, out-of-state grads in these hospitals so overall I wouldn't overestimate the importance of this. Especially given how expensive these programs are.

    Hope this helps...
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    Fairly recent grad of NYU Here..

    The NYU name DOES get you in the door.. Its how you work the "name" that gets you the job.

    GPA matters ONLY when you're applying to certain hospitals or fellowship/programs.
    Get a year of experience and you could have a 2.5 GPA and you'll get a job- GPA won't matter anymore.