NYC Hospital Salaries

  1. Hey guys! I was searching for that old salary sticky, but that information is so outdated. Can we get a present day thread going with real facts as opposed to the someone overheard someone else information. Any takers? You don't have to mention that you work in the hospital, but that it is information you are accurate about. How about this:

    Experience Pay:
    Certification Pay:
    Education Pay:
    Evening/Night Differential:

    *Include per diem rate if you are aware what it is.

    I have started to look for per diem jobs, but want to make the best decision. It would have to be something that is worth me working on my day off. It is something I would do for a year or two to have a good amount of money stored to buy a decent size house for my kids and I. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   mimosa425
    Good idea!

    Hospital: Lincoln Hospital
    Experience Pay: 975 per year of experience/year
    Certification Pay: unknown
    Education Pay: Approx 780/year for BSN
    Evening/Night Differential: unknown
    Annual: 72,645 (w/o BSN), 71,669 base pay
  4. by   JWEMT
    Hospital: NYP Methodist
    Experience Pay: 1093 per year up to 32 years
    Certification Pay: 4000
    Education Pay: 1750 BSN 1950 MSN
    Evening/Night Differential: 7000
    Annual: 82,673
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