Nursing Job Fair at Jacob Javits

  1. Did anyone attend this event this past Friday? What did you think in terms of their job prospects and the vendors? I went not having any high hopes about finding jobs, but had a great time there nonetheless. Just passed out some resumes and spoke with a few recruiters. I felt bad for the recruiter for mount sinai. That line was ridiculous and she was the only representative there!
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  3. by   Sammi15
    I went with my friend and I found the job fair to be a waste of time. I think every hospitals or home care agencies we talk to require 1 year of med/surg experience. I'm lucky to have my one year experience but what about all the new grad with zero or few months experience. Some hospitals like NYP or LIJ don't even want to take your resume and just said apply on-line. I think the nicest nurse recruiter is from NYU. He actually encourages me to apply to their BMT floor at the end of the year if I don't plan to leave ASAP at my current job but I still have my heart set on Sloan (my #1 choice).

    What hospitals did you applied to? Good luck with your job search!!!
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  4. by   laura11
    I will be graduating next next week, and i found the fair to be a waste of my time as everyone wanted i year experience and a BSN. It's really tough out there.
  5. by   pooshu11
    Hi Sammi15, I'm one of those new grads with no experience and it really is difficult to find anything out there. You must've been a hot commodity w/ a year of exp. under you belt-did you get anywhere with the other hospitals and places you didn't mention? You're right NYP didn't take any resumes. They did tell me that they are creating a "wait list" of all the new grads and basically will weed out candidates that they want to interview from there. And the recruiter told me that the new grads they are looking for need to have externships, or some kind of clinical experience outside of school clinicals. I gave my resume to basically all the big hosps, NYP, NYU, Mt sinai, MSKCC, SVMC, Montefiore, and a few LTCs. Didn't bother w/ Continuum Health b/c the line was sooo long. After Mt sinai's line, I was like "forget it"! And didn't bother w/ the agencies either. They also didn't want anyone w/o any exp.

    Hey laura11, congratulations!! Are you feeling relived that the light is at the end of the tunnel? Keep your head up! Something will come up sooner or later. At least that's how I've been going on.
  6. by   Sammi15
    The reason I went to the job fair is to provide moral support to my friend. We work in the same hospital but different floor in LI and she desperately want to leave in ASAP and we were hoping the job fair will provide a great opportunity but turn out to be a complete waste of time. My friend has only 10 months exp and everybody said they want that 1 year of med/surg. What a shame! Like I said before, I only want to apply to Memorial Sloan Kettering but will consider other if I don't get a position there. I hand my resume to Mount Sinai, NYU, New York Hospital Queen (close to my house) and will apply to NYP later. We were on Contium line too but gave up after 30 minutes wait. I think they're hiring a lot of nurses. I must admit it's a difficult time to apply as a new grad to any hospital, where I work they're already having a hiring freeze since March and even if they hire anyone, it will from within first.

    Good luck with your search!
  7. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    I attended the job fair and I came from outta state. I was surprised at how quickly I seemed to be overlooked by some of the recruiters there when I told them I'm not licensed yet in NY, but am in the process of it, but am licensed in a neighboring state. The people at NYP were a waste of time. The questions I did ask the person couldn't answer them and told me those are questions the nurse recruiter can answer. It was to the point I just looked at her with "the why in the world are you here then, are you some flunkie they just told to show up to stand in front of the booth ."

    I too got tired of hearing one needs 1yr of expereince. Gee, once again the million dollar question how is one to get expereince if now one is hiring. I'm not sure what economy some of the recruiters are living in ,but clearly based on some of their statements made, it is not the present one. I guess I was expecting more out of the this job fair.
  8. by   pooshu11
    Hey KeepingItRealEeyore, I totally agree w/ you about the NYP booth. The person I was speaking with there, she told me that she couldn't answer the questions I was asking, but the other representative next to her can so go ask her-and mind you, I would've had to get on another long snake line and wait again just to ask her a few questions she would've probably told me she couldn't answer. So do you have experience where you are licensed in, or are you considered a new grad as well?? Are you thinking about working in NY?
  9. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    Hey Pooshu11,

    I have only less than 3 months as a RN in the state I'm licensed in. I'm not a spanking new grad,I graduated last year. I call myself an inexpereinced nurse.I'm looking to work in NYC. I just have to get the whole process of getting licensed there started.
  10. by   roman35
    I'v been there too and i agree with you guys It's just waste of our time, no one hire a new grad with out experience at list 1 year.What I and you should do??? I know that some new grad could not find a job from last year...I just keep my fingers cross.
  11. by   KeepingItRealEeyore
    I'm not sure if it is the way Advance runs or plans things, but their jobs fairs are not new grad or inexperienced nurse friendly period. I attended their eastern virtual job fair yesterday, and all they had were staffing agencies, who all require 1yr experience. This is second job fair I have attended courtesy of Advance and it was just LAME!!!!!! The only thing I got out it was 2 free CE credits.
  12. by   pooshu11
    keepingitrealeeyore, I was wondering how that job fair went. I didn't bother with it because I thought the same people would be there. And agencies don't care at all unless you have experience so it would've totaly been a waste of time for me. I have to do some research to see if there are any more job fairs coming up w/in the next couple of months in NYC. I bet the results will still be the same though...
  13. by   singas0ng
    Hi I felt the same about about the job fair. I thought it was a waste of my time because it seemed like none of the nurse recruiters would ever remember me. But this past week, I heard back from two of the places that I applied to to come in for an interview! So I think despite it seeming like it wasn't worth it, it really did more for me than 6 months of online applying did.