Nursing 105 Clinicals at Dutchess Community College

  1. I just want some opinions from the folks who finished Nursing 105 at DCC. Who is the best instructor to get? Clinicals are for Wingate Dutchess and Ulster, Pines, Elant and Dutchess Rehab. Who teaches what sites? Thanks in advance. Registration starts soon...
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  3. by   LibraRNinNY
    Hi there! I see that you posted this question a few months ago, but I just joined allnurses today!

    I graduated from Dutchess in May, so it's been two years since I took 105. I was at Lutheran Care Center in Pleasant Valley with ********, but it seems that they have changed facilities since then. I'm not sure what help I can be since the assignments are probably all completely different!

    For what it's worth, I adored ******* and found her to be incredibly patient and helpful; she never got frazzled or impatient with us. I know ********* taught 105 at the time as well, and I had her the following semester in 112. She's a little bit tougher, but not in a cruel way. She wants to know that you're putting the work into nursing school and will call you out if she senses that you're not. Let me know if you have any other specific questions about the nursing program at DCC, and the very best of luck to you!
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  4. by   RNdit
    Also a May grad, I also had ********. I had her for lecture and clinical in 105, and lecture in 112. I loved her! She was so engaging in lecture and helped us find very good learning opportunities in clinical. I'll always fondly remember giving my first injection with her saying "give it! give it! give it!" over my shoulder
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