Nurses, what do you expect to a newly grad?

  1. Hello, I'm a newly grad from the Philippines with zero working experience. I just passed my board exam last week and now i'm job hunting. Honestly i'm so scrared to work in the "real world" because of two reasons:

    1. The fact that i graduated in my country, nursing there is so different esp. when it comes to technology.

    2. With zero working experience, i felt that i'm so INADEQUATE. Even you already finished a lot of books about nursing skills, EXPERIENCE is still neccessary.

    My question is what are the basic skills you expect from a newly grad like me?

    Thank you
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  3. by   StaRNew
    That is the exact way that I felt when I started work and I was educated here. Just be prepared to learn and never not ask a question because you feel embarassed. Know your labs, IV solutions, pharmacology related to the floor you will be working on and most common diagnoses. Then every day after work look up the new things that you did not know about. Technology gets easier every time you use it. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IT!!!!!!!! Get to know policies of the hospital very well and make friends with the Unit Secretary, they know everything!!!!!!!!! and they can help you out tremendously if they choose to.
    Good Luck!
    Oh and always listen to that little voice inside that warns you to recheck an order, or wait, or ask a more experienced RN for advice.
  4. by   NP1982
    hi, im a new grad and am nervous about starting out on the floor.
    i want to thank you for you great advice.