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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to know if anyone knew of any nurse refresher courses in NY. If anyone knows of any can you please let me know. I found one at Stony Brook but they are not having any classes until the ending of spring semester. Can you please let me know of any and possibly the cost of the class.

    Thanks Tee_byrd
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  3. by   DylanP
    Hi Tee_byrd,

    i'm looking into RN refresher courses myself in NY, but do not have a car to get to some locations. I noticed that your post is from last year, where did you end up taking the refresher course? Thanks -
  4. by   suzanne4
    I moved this thread to the NY Forum since it is specific for refresher programs in that locale.

    And refresher programs are only for those that actually hold a current license to practice.

    They are not for graduate nurses that just completed their training and have not tested with the NCLEX exam yet. The refresher programs were designed for those that have been away from nursing and want to return, but hold a license to practice.

    Best of luck to you. I would try to contact some of the community colleges in your area, they usually have refresher programs or can tell you where some are offered.
  5. by   DylanP
    Thanks, but i was hoping that someone would actually recommend a specific college or program for RN refresher course as i'm looking but seem to have trouble finding one closer to where i live.

    I'll call the community colleges and ask if they can recommend one to me :spin:
  6. by   igmirnor
    I too was looking for a refresher in nyc and didnt find any but... rutgers, adelphi molloy all have good refresher courses .. for folks who cannot travel try its a online refresher..
  7. by   Temp97
    I took refresher course at Molloy. It was not that great. We did give oral medications, but most of the time we washed and turned the patients. Instead of refreshing my clinical skills I refreshed my PCA skills. It was not worth the money and time I spent. I had few interviews at NY hospitals and people who interviewed me were very sceptical about this course.
  8. by   DylanP
    Thanks Igmirnor and Rimot.

    Igmirnor: have you taken or know anyone who has taken the refresher course at What have they said about the course? Is it like the one Rimot took?

    Yeah, Rimot, it's weird how places want RNs to take the fresher course, but how good are they if Rns take them, but don't get any job offers afterwards. Did you get an offers? I'm curious to see if having RN refresher course on my resume might get me a job offer.....
  9. by   Olyma
    Hi DylanP, I'm also interested in finding a program in the Queens part of town. I've been away from work for over two years now, do you think that will pose a problem when I have to get a job, without the refresher course.
  10. by   Natingale
    why dont u guys do a fellowship or something? most hospitals have paid fellowships. Its not a great check, but it beats paying a school to do PCA skills.
  11. by   TexasNurseEducator
    Hi guys, I think one of the issues is not enough instructor interaction with some of these programs and appropriateness of the skills. In our program we offer a correspondence option that has lots of instructor interaction, a skills cd and interactive program that is for RNs and LVNs not aide level skills. Lastly, you might try a nursing home or rehab center as an option to do hands on skills and competency locally. We have assisted several nurses that are not in Texas in this manner. They may be other programs out there as well. If you want to look at it the website is Good luck in your successful returns. I also agree with the member that suggested internships but, I know they are hard to find except during graduation times for the schools.