North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

  1. I'm interviewing at North Shore University Manhasset for critical care fellowship. Everything seems to be great... nurse recruiter friendly and helpful, so is the floor where I interviewed. Anyone been thru the fellowship or heard anything about it? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   drizzle
    Hello Billythekid,

    Congrats!! :spin: So you've been thru the interview and did they want to hire you?? I am also scheduled to have an interview with them about this program in Jan!! I also would love to find out more about this fellowship program. I am surprised they didn't tell you anything more about this fellowship program during your interview??

    Anyway, after doing some searching around (I LOVE this site!!) this is what I know so far about this program:

    You get to pick a specialized ICU of your choice (for me i want the SICU!). It's a one year program consisted of 3 semesters; classrooms for the first 2 months (have to get above 80% to pass all exams), and then they will put us on the ICU unit with a preceptor for another 4 months or so, for the other 6 months i have no idea b/c that's how much i've found out so far and i dunno if anything has changed. (please correct me if i am wrong!) oh and also there's a 24 months committment to work in the ICU. I hope this helps!! and if anyone know more about this program please give some inputs!!

    Some questions for you Billythekid, since you've already been through the interview, if you dun mind, did they tell you about the salary range for this followship program? I know that their base salary range now is about 62-64K, but i am wondering if they give less if we wnat to go into this followship program?

    Thanks so much and hope to hear more inputs~!
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  4. by   neeniebean
    you probably saw this already, but figured i'd post it just in case....
  5. by   billythekid
    Yes Neeniebean, I did already see the pdf you linked to.. that is actually how I found out about the program! Do you work at NSUH or somewhere else on the island? If so, I'm curious as to your opinion about NSUH or any other hospitals in the area
  6. by   billythekid
    Thanks for ur response Drizzle!

    The interview process is multi-tiered. First met the nurse recruiter, who was very professional and pleasant. Recruiter then told me that I would be interviewing with nurse manager in the ICU the next week. I was told there are opportunities in Manhasset as well as LIJ. I chose Manhasset b/c it is a few minutes shorter commute for me. After that, there is at least one more interview with the fellowship director. If all goes well, I presume at that point a job offer would be extended.

    While curious about salary / benefits, etc, I did not bring it up during the interview because:

    1. I get the impression they are looking for the best, committed, intelligent candidates. I would expect any offer they make to be competitive with other hospitals in the area. The recruiter specifically said that they are hiring people with long term expectations. If they give us the proper education and orientation, there is a strong chance that we will stay significantly longer than our 2 yr commitment. Said the fellowship program has really changed the turnover rates in NSUH/LIJ ICU for the better.
    2. I just didn't think it was appropriate to bring it up during the interviews. The interviews were definitely 2 way conversations - as much an opportunity for me to learn about the fellowship as for the recruiter / nurse manager to learn about my personality and what I can offer the unit.

    The base salary you mentioned 62-64k is in line with what I've heard from a few ppl at the hospital though.. nothing official though.

    As far as the info you related about the curriculum of the fellowship, the info sounds accurate:
    8 week of didactic / classroom / sim lab
    16 weeks split between 2 preceptors (8 weeks days / 8 weeks nights). Student has to match the schedule of the preceptor (ie days worked, break at same time).
    16 weeks of closely monitored work (you are assigned one 'easy' pt, your preceptor on the floor also has a pt, but they closely watch you and you are expected to go to them for approval and regualr feedback throughtout the shft. This info was from someone in the program now.)
    Depending on your progress during the last semester, you may be cleared early to work on certain pts independently, and just not on the most acutely ill.

    Good luck on ur interview Drizzle...

    Anyone else have more details / experiences with the fellowship or NSUH in general? Please share... Thanks!
  7. by   drizzle
    Billythekid - WOW thanks for all the detail infos!! And also sorry I thought you'd knew about the salary already because you said you've ready met the ICU manager and I've never been thru these formal interviews before so I thought they might have told you already .. Sorry~ Dun get me wrong, i was wondering because i heard that in NYPresby they give you a lower salary if you join their Nursing residency program (correct me if i am wrong).... so i was wondering if NS is doing the same thing. I am also surprised to learn that there's a third person to see after the ICU manager... wow!

    Thank you also for the detail breakdowns of the fellowship program...!! Are you gonna consider going for this fellowship program if they hire you? I am still debating about NSUH or NSLIJ... i heard that LIJ has better management then NSUH... not sure if this is true.
  8. by   billythekid
    Drizzle, It's hard to get opinions about the program.. either ppl are not familiar with it or I guess not too many NS/LIJers are on this site. I'll let you know if I get any more info... u do the same! Good Luck!
  9. by   drizzle
    I agree with you Billythekid. Thank you very much!!! and I'll sure let you know also how the interview goes and any additional info i the way i am finally done with nursing school (officially) as of today~!!
  10. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from billythekid

    Anyone else have more details / experiences with the fellowship or NSUH in general? Please share... Thanks!
    First, thank you very much for the information about the fellowship. It's something I may look into in the future.

    As for general information about NSUH, well...I worked there for about 4 years as a medical secretary. It's a real nice hospital and even for ancillary staff they paid nicely (definitely better than in Florida).

    I'm starting nursing school in January and then I'll need to work at least a year at the hospital I'm working in now. I saw that the fellowship is for both new grads and experienced nurses, so I may still look into later.

    I've worked in a few of the Long Island Hospitals (NSUH-Manhasset, NSUH-Glen Cove, LIJ and Winthrop), and Manhasset was my definite favorite.

  11. by   billythekid
    Hey Congrats to you Drizzle... you're official a GN LOL
  12. by   billythekid
    Hi Sarasota,
    Thanks for the affirmation of NS-Manhasset.. good to know. From what I understand about the fellowship, about half are new grads... Best of luck to you in your studies!
  13. by   NurseFairy
    Hello there...I am currently in the NSLIJ Critical Care Fellowship...I started in October...I chose the MICU at LIJ...if you have any questions at all that haven't been answered, let me know...I'll be more than happy to help.

    :spin: Sue
  14. by   jetson
    hiya. thanks so much for the time you put into these posts on the North Shore Fellowship...I may be following you in a sense - that is, working as a new grad RN in that hospital, although icu may be a year or so down the the pay reduced while you're 'training' and if so, by how much?

    how's it going? any advice for a new grad RN headed to your hospital or out to that area of Long Island generally?

    thanks so much and take care, Jetson