New York Presbyterian Physical

  1. I am applying for a job at New York Presbyterian in the city. If any of you work there, could you please tell me what is involved in the pre-employment physical? Will I need to bring extra paperwork? Will there be a drug screening?
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  3. by   PamRNC
    Congrats! Welcome to NYP and hope to see you soon. Pre-employment physical is all the usual stuff, and yes there is a drug screen. You'll probably be seen by the PA/NP and they'll want both blood and urine samples. Blood is probably just CBC and Chem panel, and titers, but urine was in one of those temp sensitive cups used for drug screening. Just be sure to bring any info on your last TB test, immunizations, and a list of your meds (if any). There's a form to fill out before you're seen. If you have more than one script for antidepressants or antianxiety you might need a letter from your PMD that you are being followed routinely and taking meds as prescribed appropriately. They will tell you the specifics and give you a fax # if your PMD needs to send them anything. There should be a tel # in your hire packet to call with questions.