New York Presbyterian Pre-employment drug screen?

  1. Hey guys, just got a job offer from NYP. Problem is a couple months ago, I traveled to Vancouver Canada and was offered some cannabis gummy bears. Cannbais is now legalized in Canada and I took one because I always wondered what it feels like.
    I just realize that NYP does pre-employment drug screen. What do they test for?!? Is it just urine test?! Do they do hair test?!?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Don't know of ANY employer who does a hair test for employment. That said, leave the wacky tobacky alone moving forward, because you can be randomly tested and you don't need that kind of trouble.
  4. by   Suganurse93
    Lol @ hair test. It's a 10 panel urine test through Quest, when your results are in they will call you and let you know that you are medically cleared.
  5. by   StacyAtheNurse
    Yup stay away from that. You'd hate to get caught up in something and need to get drug tested to clear your name. I work for NYP and had a patient siphon dilaudid out of a PCA on two shifts I was working. You don't want to give people an unrelated excuse to fire you.
  6. by   zenon
    they want the urine 10 panel i believe. which campus are you? COngrats! When is your orientation?