New Rochelle College of Nursing - Anyone know about this school?

  1. Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone knew about CNR Nursing. Is it a flexible course? I have a full time job, and I will only be available in the evenings.

    Additonally, can anyone recommend other flexible courses in the Bronx and Westchester Area.


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  3. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    yes i have heard about their program...i was told that u are required to have an 80% in all semesters to pass...other than that it is a great program so i've heard...their on top of their students...sounds to me like their a lil too strict but i graduated from a "black and White" lpn program myself and have no regrets..had a wonderful instructor though...the intructor makes a BIG difference in a Nursing program...they can make or brake you...some are beautiful and understanding like the one i had then there are the ones who are ready to DROP U..dont mean to sound discouraging but if you keep ur grades above the level they need..NO one can touch ya...Good luck...XOXO

  4. by   olivia28
    Are you only interested in BSN evening programs?
  5. by   nycstudent
    I am interested in this school also, for the BSN. I would love to have any feedback about the program.
  6. by   tab65
    The only draw back to me about the program is the Nursing phase is 2 1/2 yrs instead of 2yrs. Thats why I'm going to LIU.
  7. by   nycstudent
    they have an accelerated portion which is 18 months.
  8. by   tab65
    Does that accelerated program is for someone who have a Non medical Bach. degree? Or is it for anyone who has the 60 credits?
  9. by   nycstudent

    yes, their accelerated program is for someone who has a BAch already. but you know what? Since non-medical bachs usually don't have the pre-reqs it turns out to be the same thing as transferring in after two years of undergrad work -- if not longer.
  10. by   SweetGurl
    They have a good nursing program. I graduated their with my Biology degree in 2004 and had a couple of friends in the nursing program. All their pograms(traditional 4 year, accelerated program(18months & individual track) are very good and intense. They require that you pass all your classes with nothing less than a C+. They have good clinical rotations with most of the NYC hospitals such as Monte, Columbia, etc. I would have applied there if I didnt want a change in environment.