NCLEX pass rates for NY schools

  1. Hi can someone please let me know how I can go about finding out a NY schools statistics for the NCLEX test, how many accepted to school, how many graduated, etc etc. Thanks
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Many times you can find NCLEX pass rates on the state's board of nursing website, but I don't see it listed on the NY site.
  4. by   sweetave

    Yes that's where I have been told to look but I have and even emailed them and have found nothing. Help!
  5. by   loriann
    Call the NYS Board directly and tell them you want the pass rate for your school. That's what I did for mine and they were happy to give it to me. I really don't understand why that information is not published online, as I'm sure it would decrease the number of telephone calls they get for this information.
  6. by   sweetave
    Thank you LoriAnn. I will call them on Tuesday when they reopen. I had called some other committee but they couldn't help me. What school did you attend?
  7. by   loriann
    You're welcome Sweetave. I went to SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.
  8. by   Tanguera
    Hi Loriann,

    I just got accepted to SUNY Downstate's program and just wondered if you can shed some light on the program. I am deciding on what school to attend, and so far, I got 4 acceptance letters and am still waiting on other schools. Downstate is the one school that I feel I know very little about and I asked the admissions office to maybe schedule something with me (with admissions, faculty, current students... anyone really!) so I can ask questions and maybe just see a little bit of the school.

    Did you like the program? Did you think the professors were supportive? How competitive was it? Do you know if many of the students go on to get a master's afterwards?

    Any info would be helpful! Admissions told me to send an e-mail to them, which I did last week, but haven't heard anything yet. I only have a week left to decide so I feel like I am running out of time.

  9. by   SueNYC
    This was on NYS Nursing site, it shows results from 03-07 as well as the total number of students who sat for the boards from that school for each year.
  10. by   987!
    I really wanted to go to SUNY Farmingdale but their NCLEX passing rate for 2008 was 74.8%

    I dont know what to do now. I really liked that there eveing program was extremely flexible compared to other nursing schools in the area but the other nursing schools have about an 89% passing rate.

    What should I do?