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Mt. Sinai $68,000 effective 1/07... Read More

  1. by   limerick1913
    St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, New York City

    $74,484.54 (base)
    $1,421 (BSN)
    $5,400 (Night Shift Differential)
  2. by   graceface
    I've heard that finding an RN job in NY is very difficult because the market is saturated with new graduates. Is anyone currently a nursing student, recent graduate, or RN in NY and have an opinion on this matter?
  3. by   maxdog
    NYU Langone Medical Center. New grad started March 2012. $77, 945.00 per year. Does not include shift differential.
  4. by   maxdog
    Unfortunately it is very difficult for new graduates to find jobs here in the city. Unless you had an externship to get your foot in the door it takes an average of 6-9 months to find a job in NYC. I just graduated from NYU in December 2011 and almost all of my nursing school friends are still unemployed or volunteering at nursing homes/clinics/hospitals hoping it will lead to a job.
  5. by   PacoUSA
    As much as I would love to work in a NYC hospital, I am going to stay put and try to get a job at the hospital affiliated with my university, where I have done many of my clinicals. It's the best chance I have of being employed right after graduation. Once I have my 2+ years of experience, it will be easier to make a move. That market is too saturated with new grads right now, and will be for a while. Need to shed the new grad label before going there.
  6. by   nursegirl10486
    Good Sam I hear 60K a year
    Nyack is 34.19/hr.
  7. by   concep1125
    Does anyone know the starting salary @ Hospital for Special Surgeries?
  8. by   FIDOGS
    northshore Lij Fellowships? salary?
  9. by   FreestylePete
    New York Cornell starting salary? Plus experience differentials? etc
  10. by   3Triages
    Does anyone know the starting salary for Brooklyn Hospital?
  11. by   tern
    NYP/Cornell as of yesterday $78,153 new grad not including BSN
  12. by   FutureRN19
    Quote from tern
    NYP/Cornell as of yesterday $78,153 new grad not including BSN

    Hey, thanks for posting the latest information about NYP, just curious, does that include NIGHT differential or is this the BASE SALARY? Thank you in advance
  13. by   tern
    This is the base salary!!!!