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How long does endorsing take and will I or can I get hired from newyork and do they Skype interviews?... Read More

  1. by   phoenix-
    Hi, guys. I used Fieldprint (Fieldprint Fingerprinting, Serving Florida - Home). They have livescan equipment all over the country that services FL.

    Not in Florida?

    If you are not in the state of Florida, you may still access one of Fieldprint's many Livescan sites. With locations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, simply click “Schedule an Appointment” to find a location near you!
    I didn't need hard cards. Everything was electronic, in addition the picture. I'm just waiting for everything to get processed now. I submitted my application towards the end of March.
  2. by   NurseNightOwl
    I cannot get the Fieldprint website to accept the endorsement code (EDOH4420Z) when I try to schedule an appointment... Has this happened to anyone else?