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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   futurernhazel
    hey!!!!! chanelleS I have been saying this to some people but they not responding. I am confused as well!!! some people think its just the tabe, while the letter says teas and tabe. Some ppl bought the tabe books and I am trying to tell them u need both!! how about u and i communicate? my email address is hazel254@hotmail.com ..p.s i am probably not gonna sleep tonight. If u wanna chat and figure this out together send me an email asap. it does not matter the time!!!! I have a plan that could figure this out! once again, email me and lets figure this out! .LETS work together. two minds are definitely better than one!!!
  2. by   jackie922
    Congrats chanel does your letter also say whether you have to bring documents? Hazel I emailed.you! I can't figure out the pm
  3. by   futurernhazel
    i got it! i emailed u back!
  4. by   ChanelleS
    yeah it says that i gotta bring my id my birth certificate and my diploma
  5. by   futurernhazel
    what else does ur letter say? mine says i gotta bring my ss, my passport of green card, two self address stamped envelopes, and other stuff.. anyone has to bring all these/??
  6. by   jackie922
    When I called the number you gave me they said you must have all the Documenta or you can't take the exam
  7. by   ChanelleS
    mine says bring a gov issused id high school diploma ssc birth certificate proof of ny residency 2 self addressed stamped envelopes forever postage and a pen and 2 #2 pencils
  8. by   futurernhazel
    anyone else got their results??
  9. by   CAR34U
    I take my cnet exam March 28. I'm kinda anxious and nervous. This isn't the first nursing entrance exam I'm taking so I kind of have an idea of what I'm in for. I went to Veeb for two semesters and failed A&P =(
  10. by   caringandloving
    I took the test on Feb 11 and I am waiting for my test results. I hope that I passed the entrance exam and will be successful with the following processes. If not then I am going to go to a RN program in Des Moines, Iowa. In New York the waiting list to get into a RN program is long, and they now passed a bill saying that all RN's must have their bachelor's degree in New York. I really want to get into this program but I also realize that I must have a back up plan just in case I don't pass. Good luck to all that took the test and that will take the test. God Bless!
  11. by   jackie922
    Hey caringandloving wow,you still didn't get your results I would be freaking out.
  12. by   caringandloving
    No jackie I am not worried they just sent out the letters on Monday. I should receive my scores today or friday. You took your test on feb 3 that is why you have your scores already. I have to wait for three weeks to receive mine. Glad to see you passed your test. Good luck with everything else.
  13. by   jackie922
    Thanks I'm sure you passed too. I actually got my results in two weeks. How do you think you did?