Metropolitan Hospital Center

  1. Any new grads who have started out at Metropolitan? How was the interview process? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   dkurland
    They want experienced nurses with BSNs only.
  4. by   ladyash
    Thank you for the response but they are now accepting new grads for some positions because I was hired in July.
  5. by   dkurland
    That's good but you must have had a BSN. They would not hire me and I was super disappointed in that I am bilingual and come from a similar hospital in California.
  6. by   Milkberry
    How and where can I apply for this hospital? What is the official website of the hospital? Thanks
  7. by   ladyash
    Here is the website that has all HHC hospitals:
  8. by   Milkberry
    Thanks, ladyash.
  9. by   Day821na
    Hi everyone! I am possibly taking a travel position at Metropolitan..can anyone who works there give me any information about it and how they like the hospital!? Ill be working in the ER.