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  1. I went to LPN school in CT and moved to upstate NY right after. In my school they didn't teach us how to do blood draws or start IV's. I think because LPN's don't work in hospitals much in CT. So I was wondering what LPN's in NY State hospitals are allowed to do. I'm planning on getting my RN thru Excelsior and I'm wondering where I would get the most clinical experience.
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  3. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from delynn
    i went to lpn school in ct and moved to upstate ny right after. in my school they didn't teach us how to do blood draws or start iv's. i think because lpn's don't work in hospitals much in ct. so i was wondering what lpn's in ny state hospitals are allowed to do. i'm planning on getting my rn thru excelsior and i'm wondering where i would get the most clinical experience.
    hospitals in ny have different policies for using (or not using) some of the skills that lpns can do under the state quidelines. it also depends on what area you work in because lpns in say i.e., hemodialysis units can do more. generally, at least in two hospitals i have worked in here in ny, lpns can insert ivs if properly trained to do so by a qualified instructor. generally, lpns can draw blood. lpns are sometimes able to take verbal or telephone orders in many facilities. cental line usage and care are a mixed bag. for the most part, lpns can hang ivpbs or solusets on a centraline, *if* it has a continuous infusion/hydration running...but that, again, may be affected by hospital policy and some hospitals in ny may not allow it. hope this helps.
  4. by   BuffaloLPN
    I got my LPN in NYS and didn't learn how to start/use IV's, only monitor site. Actually in my old textbook from way back in 1995, it states LPN's do not start them, or give meds through them! :chuckle My hospital policy allows LPN's to start IV, give meds, use PICCs etc, so I was trained to do so during precepting. Since it is per facility, it would depend on which hospital you work at what you can do. I don't know anybody working in the Syracuse area, here in Buffalo Kaleida allows LPN's to do IV.