Lichson Vs Svmcc

  1. Hi All! anyone on this forum about to attend, graduated or is currently attending either of these schools, if so how is / was the experience and which one would you choose if you had a choice.

    thanks for your input and all will be sincerely appreciated:uhoh21:
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  3. by   gigi15
    Nothing --- No one else in the NY area know of these schools --- come on guys --
  4. by   chuck1234
    Hi Gigi15!
    I have never heard of them...and I have no intention to say anything about them....
  5. by   Wsmith16
    I've only heard great things about SVCMM. I'm actually taking the entrance exam next Friday. I'm not counting on this school as I am a horrible standardized test-taker.

    App deadline for queens campus was on April 1st. You may want to check out Staten Island campus for their deadline. I know that they are no longer mailing apps--you'll have to pick-up.

    I know two people who've graduated from the SVCMM in Queens and they loved it. I believe LICHSON deadline has passed no longer accepting apps.
  6. by   gigi15
    Hi Wsmith -- I am also taking the NET there next Friday morning --- already took the NLN for LICHSON and went in for an interview -- just waiting on the official word, whatever that may be.

    thanks for your response.
  7. by   Wsmith16
    I'm not very good at standardized tests so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have a couple of other options though, so not all hope is lost.

    Good Luck!