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Did anyone take the NLN pre entrance examination this passed week at Kingsborough College?... Read More

  1. by   hotnurse77
    Hi Rajacic,

    I took it on January 14th. How about you? I am so nervous right now. LOL

    How did you do?
  2. by   rajacic
    Hey yeah I took the exam on the 8th. I'm so nervous as well, I got a 125 composite score. I heard that 120 is good enough. I have a 3.8 gpa and I'm praying I get into the program. Did you hear anything about when they are sending letters out? I know a few people who took the exam. Most ppl in the 120's and a few in the 100's low!
  3. by   Evi04
    Hi is anyone taking spring13 sci 25 in kings borough on sat? Or has anyone taken the sat class?
  4. by   Evi04
    Hey, how are you?

    I see here that you took SCI 25 and did well.

    I am taking it in the spring.

    What teacher did you have?

    Any recommendations? (Please send this information to me via a Private Message (PM) and not on the open boards, per the TOS policy here at
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  5. by   hotnurse77
    I heard the letters should be sent out tomorrow. I got 135 for the composite score. My GPA is just about alright. I am so nervous, but less nervous than the day I just took the exam. I couldn't finish math, which really made me mad. My math is my strongest part. I would do better if I need to take another one. LOL. but hope I dont need to take it again.

    Is that true that ppl get over 120 can get in? Hope it is true. Now my hands are getting cold and sweaty while I am typing and thinking of the acceptance letter. ( the day when I was taking the test, the teacher told me that the result will be sent out in two weeks from the last day of the exam. The last day of the exam was the 14th. So tomorrow will be exactly two weeks). OMG! I won't sleep again tonight. It feels like a century long.
  6. by   hotnurse77
    Sorry cant send you private massage yet, guess I am still too new to this website.

    Saturday Sci 25 is good. Take it, if you don't want to come to school three times a week just for one three-hour class. I took saturday class this semester, and I love my professor. He is really awesome. He teaches hard things in a very easy way, so you can remember and learn. It is a great prep for the NLN exam. I didn't know physics that much before, but after the class I felt much more confident with the Science part in NLN exam. Thanks to Science 25, I got 99 percentile in the NLN exam a few days ago, which means I am 99% better than the others in Science part of the exam.

    Take it if you have a tight schedule at work, because you can finish the lecture and lab at the same day. You don't have to run around like a headless chicken. LOL.
  7. by   Bootbaby2
    Hi Sam do you have any notes or advice from science25
  8. by   Bootbaby2
    Hi can you give me some advice about science25, please?
  9. by   Bootbaby2
    Anyone out there with info on Science 25???
  10. by   Bootbaby2
    Quote from dorothydumpling
    Hey Mikey, Thanks for all the info- you've been a great help on this board.I direct transferred to City Tech this semester, but good luck to you all!!!I didn't find A&P 1 hard, but I took good notes and didn't text during class like almost everyone that ended up dropping the class did. If you pay attention, you will get an A, even with Professor Ho. There are no surprises on his exams; everything that is on them was covered in class. You'll take the other prereqs- Eng 12 and Psy 11... Sci 25 isn't until next semester after you change curriculums.
    Hey Dorothy any advice on science 25
  11. by   Kinte101
    Just study hard for sci 25
  12. by   DuHef89
    How was the reading comprehension and the vocab portion of the NLN?? tips for someone that is preparing for the test????
  13. by   Jayssicca
    Can someone please tell me if I should take Bio12 before taking the NLN exam. I am taking Sci25 this fall and the nursing curriculum shows Bio12 for the first semester AFTER taking the NLN but I heard there will be questions on the NLN involving the material from Bio12. Im confused about what I should do.